Team Leader

Springfield, VA
Oct 12, 2022
Jan 06, 2023
Full Time
Job Description

Job Purpose:
• To supervise a team of Press Operators and ensure that work is performed according to specifications and schedule
• To maintain a safe work environment
Tasks Performed:
• Supervise tem members in the performance of their duties
• Assign work to team members
• Use computer to track work orders and assignments, and to assist in identification of potential problems
• Monitor the presses; check settings and fine tune as necessary
• Identify problems and coordinate repairs
• Page out newspaper
• Ensure that all team members are appropriately trained
• Perform tasks necessary to complete assignments
Machinery, Tools, Equipment, and Work Aides Utilized:
• Computer equipment
• Telephone
• Hand tools
Products/Materials Handled:
• Newsprint
• Plates
• Parts of the press
• Ink
• Cleaning solution
• Work Site:
o Inside I 00%
• Temperature Factors:
o N/A
• Noise Factors·
o Continual, must utilize hearing protection devices
• Vibrations
o N/A
• Air Quality Factors:
o Dusts, odors. Mists
o Face masks are provided for use by employees
o A-par system minimizes ink mist and paper dust
• Working Surface:
o Even
o Flat/Hard
o Ladders
o Catwalks/Scaffolds
o Ink
• Relationships with Coworkers:
o Works with a select team
• Primary Work Position:
o Stand - 25%
o Sit - 5%
o Walk - 80%
• Mobility Factors:
o Walk
o Climb
o Bend/stoop
o Crouch
• Specific Movements:
o Trunk
 Bend - occasionally
 Twist/rotate - occasionally
 Crouch - occasionally
o Arms
 Reach - occasionally
 Work with arms extended - occasionally
 Work with arms bent - frequently
 Carry - occasionally, 30 pounds
 Lift from floor to waist - frequently, 30 pounds (ink buckets)
o Legs
 Kneeling/crawling - infrequent
o Hands
 Gross dexterity - frequent
 Finger dexterity - frequent
 Grasp/Manipulation - frequent
 Speed required - frequent
 Bilateral coordination frequent
 Eye/Hand coordination - frequent
• Team Leader should be capable of performing all of the team functions required in the event of a personnel shortage.

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