Deputy Chief Human Resources Management

McLean, Virginia
Oct 01, 2022
Oct 05, 2022
Executive, Chief
Full Time

Human Resource Management (HRM) provides the ODNI with responsive, customer and human-oriented resource services that support the organization's mission to protect and defend American lives and interests. Human Resource Management accomplishes this with a professional and knowledgeable workforce that employs HR tools to identify flexible and creative solutions to requirements levied by our mission partners and serves the workforce in three primary roles: Operations, Talent Development, and Recruitment.

Manage, lead, and oversee staff in the development and management of complex Human Capital (HC) projects or programs that often requires generating new concepts, principles, and methods to ensure their successful implementation within the Intelligence Community (IC).

Oversee, guide, direct, and lead a team of professional staff in the development and management of complex Human Resources (HR) projects or programs within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).

Directly lead and manage the day-to-day operations of the office and set the goals and objectives for each subordinate element to meet mission requirements.

Advise ODNI senior leadership on the development, implementation, and management of complex HR programs which are based upon ambiguous guidelines requiring extensive interpretation, and ensure that the programs are aligned with and directly support the organization's strategic mission objectives. Develop through internal or external means the policies, processes and procedures needed to standardize and establish repeatable processes to deliver required services to employees and candidates.

Serve as an expert liaison between HR and ODNI organizations; listen to and understand the needs of the organizations and tailor HR programs, methods, and procedures to ensure they fully meet client needs and support their overall mission. Act as an advocate on behalf of the components and identify and resolve issues that hinder the delivery of required capabilities to the workforce.

Oversee, lead, and manage staff in planning, developing, and presenting expert, authoritative written and oral briefings to senior-level customers on significant and complex HR issues; explain HR programs to non-expert customers and tailor programs, methods, and products to ensure alignment with customer needs. Conduct reviews and validate data and information is accurate and represents the full spectrum of issues for senior managers to make decisions

Lead, guide, and oversee staff in the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of complex HR programs that require isolating and defining unknown conditions, resolving critical problems, or developing new concepts and methodologies for programs that are of major significance to ODNI senior leadership and to mission success.

Oversee the development and implementation of the data analytics and other tools needed to project and identify areas of concern that may hinder mission delivery and then develop the action plans needed to correct those challenges.

Lead and oversee staff in the development of strategic and tactical plans to support HR program initiatives; guide and lead staff in the development, implementation, and evaluation of HR programs in response to corporate HR directives and/or mission requirements. Identify key partners with whom the office can work to address current and emerging mission needs and improve mission delivery.

Lead, cultivate, and maintain productive working relationships with colleagues, HR experts, and ODNI senior leadership to share information of interest, explain the specifics of HR programs and, when appropriate, present, justify, defend, negotiate, and/or settle matters involving significant or controversial issues.

Lead a team of professional staff and assess performance, collaborate and oversee goal setting, and provide feedback on personal development.

Encourage and enhance diversity and inclusion in all phases of the HRM process and develop a program to ensure bias and other concerns are identified and reduced as rapidly as possible.


Conditions of Employment

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen residing in the United States
  • Appointment is be subject to a suitability or fitness determination, as determined by a completed background investigation.
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a Top Secret security clearance based on an SBI with eligibility for sensitive compartmented information (SCI)
  • Male applicants born after December 31, 1959, must complete a Pre-Employment Certification Statement for Selective Service Registration.
  • A two-year trial period is required for all new permanent appointments to the ODNI.


Mandatory Requirements:

Expert knowledge of the mission, charter, roles and responsibilities of ODNI and/or of individual IC organizations.

Mastery of advanced HR Management (HRM) principles, concepts, regulations, and practices and expert consultative skills sufficient to conceive, plan, and manage HRM functions for critical large scale agency programs.

Expert program management, analytic, and critical thinking skills, including a superior ability to conduct program assessments, identify needs and requirements, and develop process improvement recommendations for the successful implementation of HR programs.

Superior ability to communicate, both verbally and in writing, complex information in a clear, concise manner that is targeted to and meets the needs of diverse audiences with different perspectives and objectives.

Expert understanding of the factors that inhibit recruiting, retaining and advancing a diverse and inclusive workforce and the policies, process and procedures that can be used to overcome bias and other barriers that inhibit the achievement of this goal.

Superior ability to work effectively both independently and in a team or collaborative environment, mentor junior colleagues, and utilize strong organizational and interpersonal problem solving skills.

Highly detail-oriented, with superior organizational skills and ability to effectively multi-task.

Ability to listen to, clarify, and convey understanding of others' ideas, comments and questions, as well as to integrate and build upon diverse opinions, in a manner that encourages the formation of integrated solutions and positions.

Demonstrated ability to successfully negotiate solutions at all levels with excellent organizational and interpersonal problem solving skills.

Desired Requirements:

Ability to analyze and synthesize complex datasets and incorporate data into presentations that address inquiries from internal and external stakeholders.

Experience managing organizational budgets and resource requirements.

TS/SCI with CI Polygraph.

Additional information

If you have retired from federal service and you are interested in employment as a reemployed annuitant, see the information in the Reemployed Annuitant information sheet.

Job Interview Travel: Candidates from outside the Washington, D.C., area may be selected for a telephone, teleconference, or in-person interview. If selected for an in-person interview, any travel or lodging will be at the applicant's personal expense.

Salary Determination:

The ODNI uses a rank-in-person system in which rank is attached to the individual. A selected ODNI candidate or other Federal Government candidate will be assigned to the position at the employee's current GS grade and salary.

For a selected non-Federal Government candidate, salary will be established within the salary range listed above, based on education and experience.

Relocation Expenses: For new ODNI employees, reimbursement for relocation is discretionary based on availability of funds.

Reasonable Accommodations:

The ODNI provides reasonable accommodations to qualified applicants with disabilities. If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please notify the Reasonable Accommodations Officer by classified email at, by unclassified email at, by telephone at 703-275-3900 or by FAX at 703-275-1217. Your request for reasonable accommodation will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION TO THE EEOD EMAIL ADDRESS. THIS EMAIL IS FOR REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION REQUESTS ONLY. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION VIA THE EMAIL ADDRESS PROVIDED IN THE 'HOW TO APPLY' SECTION ABOVE.

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement: To ensure compliance with an applicable nationwide preliminary injunction, which may be supplemented, modified, or vacated, depending on the course of ongoing litigation, the federal government will take no action to implement or enforce the COVID-19 vaccination requirement pursuant to Executive Order 14043 on Requiring Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination for federal employees. Therefore, to the extent a federal job announcement includes the requirement that applicants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 pursuant to Executive Order 14043, that requirement does not currently apply. Federal agencies may request information regarding the vaccination status of selected applicants for the purposes of implementing other workplace safety protocols, such as protocols related to masking, physical distancing, testing, travel, and quarantine.

The ODNI is an equal opportunity employer and abides by applicable employment laws and regulations.