Law Enforcement Officer

Washington, D.C
Sep 30, 2022
Oct 05, 2022
Full Time

The Federal Reserve Law Enforcement Unit serves as the law enforcement arm of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors (Board). Federal Reserve Law Enforcement Officers (FRLEOs) are duly sworn police officers responsible for providing protection and police services for Board buildings, leased properties, and surrounding areas in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding with the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department.

Our FLETA accredited (Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation) Basic Law Enforcement Course consists of a 13-week rigorous physical and academic training program that includes formal legal and law enforcement classroom training, firearms qualification, and scenario-based training and testing. Participants must be able to graduate the academy having met all requirements to become a Federal Reserve Law Enforcement Officer. After completing the Academy, new FRLEOs will also be required to complete a 4-week Field Training Officer Program.

  • The FRLEO is part of the team that protects and provides a safe and secure environment for Federal Reserve Board staff and others on Board property on a 24-hour, seven- day- per- week basis.
  • The FRLEO is required to become knowledgeable of, and conform to, all applicable laws, Board policy, Unit policy and procedures.
  • FRLEOs conduct interior and exterior patrols of all Board facilities in order to detect illegal or prohibited activity, and potential fire and accident hazards.
  • Knows and conforms to applicable laws that apply to the Board's policy of the enforcement of laws and stays current regarding changes or updates to such laws.
  • Enforces federal criminal laws and the D.C. criminal and traffic code within the jurisdiction of the Board in accordance with Board and Unit policy.
  • Makes arrests for violations of D.C. and federal criminal laws and testifies in court.
  • Screens visitors via the magnetometer, X-Ray, and hand-held metal detector.
  • Works with the Protective Services Unit to coordinate the safe movement of the Chairman and high-level dignitaries while they are entering, moving about, and leaving the Board. May be required to provide physical security protection for the Chairman and Federal Reserve Board Governors both on and off the Board's premises.
  • Maintains logs and journals, conducts preliminary investigations, and prepares clear and understandable reports as required by Unit policy.
  • Monitors the radio system and receives calls for service. Dispatches calls for service to officers via the radio system in a clear and understandable voice.
  • Responds to incidents and emergency situations.
  • Provides emergency services such as administering First Aid, CPR, AED, and assisting with building evacuations.
  • Makes emergency notifications to Board staff as required. Maintains 24-hour surveillance of Board facilities via closed circuit television equipment.
  • Operates a variety of computerized systems to include the CCure system, work scheduler, and the visitor registration system.
  • Works shift-work to include days, evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays, and must be able to work overtime with or without advance notice.
  • After two years of satisfactory service, FRLEOs may apply for special assignments such as Canine Handler, Training Instructor, Field Training Officer, Mountain Bike Unit Officer, Control Center Operator, and the Rapid Deployment Team.


Conditions of Employment

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  • Must be at least 20.5 years of age at time of application.
  • Requires a high school diploma, GED or equivalent experience.
  • Must have good oral and written communication skills.
  • Requires a valid motor vehicle operator's license and acceptable driving record, both of which must be maintained.
  • Requires the ability to carry and use a firearm in accordance with Unit, Board and System requirements. Requires familiarity with basic emergency procedures and the ability to execute emergency procedures including administering first aid, CPR, or the AED as directed.
  • Must be able to wear the issued-uniform and wear and properly use issued gear while performing work functions.
  • Must meet the medical standards for the job and successfully complete a comprehensive physical screening which includes a psychological evaluation and a medical examination to determine ability to safely perform the essential functions of the job with or without an accommodation.
  • Must take and successfully pass periodic physical examinations and screenings.
  • Must meet the Board's standards for employment, including suitability.
  • Must submit to and pass drug testing.
  • Must successfully pass a background investigation and successfully complete all Board-mandated initial training for law enforcement officers.
  • Must continually satisfy the Board's training and firearms qualification standards.
  • Must be able to work shift work to include nights, days, weekends, and holidays.
  • Must be able to work overtime with or without advanced notice.
  • Must be prompt and maintain regular attendance.
  • Unlike other federal law enforcement agencies, the Board does not have a maximum age cap for its FRLEO candidates.
  • Upon approval, newly hired recruits qualify for appointment to the Law Enforcement Officer position at the minimum FR-20 grade level ( ).
  • Recruits may qualify for the FR-21 grade level with 1 year of qualifying law enforcement, security or military experience, and/or qualifying education in lieu of experience.
  • Recruits may be considered for the FR-22 grade level, holding the rank of Senior Law Enforcement Officer, with significant law enforcement or military experience as determined by hiring officials.
  • The position of Law Enforcement Officer is a non-exempt status position, and appointed FRLEOs are eligible to earn overtime at a rate of 50% of their derived hourly pay, premium pay including Holiday Pay for hours worked on observed Federal or Board-observed holidays, Night Differential at a rate of 10% of their derived hourly pay for hours worked between 6:00PM to 6:00AM, Sunday Differential at a rate of 25% of their derived hourly pay for regularly schedule Sunday hours worked.
  • FRLEOs are offered comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurance, a pension plan, a thrift plan with very generous employer match, occupational development and academic assistance, on-site credit union, on-site fitness centers, and much more. Please see provided Benefits link: .


Requires a high school diploma, GED or equivalent experience.