Budget and Financial Specialist I or II

Washington, D.C
Sep 28, 2022
Oct 03, 2022
Full Time

The ASO team is led by the Chief Deputy for Administrative Services who supervises the Assistant Circuit Executive for Human Resources, the Building Operations Supervisor, and the Financial Operations Supervisor. This position will report to directly to the Financial Operations Supervisor and is primarily responsible for assisting the Chief Deputy for Administrative Services and Financial Operations Supervisor with managing the Court's operating budget to include strategic planning, forecasting, and reporting. The budget is comprised of three funds: salaries and expenses, judiciary information technology, and electronic public access.

  • Assist with the formulation, evaluation, and implementation of policies, procedures, and protocols related to financial operations and budgetary execution throughout the Court. This includes providing support to senior management in preparation of the budget call.
  • Collect, review, audit, and analyze data and information, such as case filings and activities, budgetary and financial data, and other similar statistical data. Develop a variety of reports according to the specifications of senior management based on historical and current data, including statistics on staffing, spending patterns and expense projections, and similar information.
  • Research budget questions, problems, trends, for purpose of identifying potential areas for efficiency/improvement related to the data being developed and analyzed.
  • Coordinates the annual reviews and updates to the Court Unit Budget Operations Plan (CUBOP). Assist with preparing the overall budget plan by collaboratively and actively participating in budget meetings, preparing detailed meeting minutes, and following up on action items with other departments to ensure deadlines are not missed and that all action items are either affirmatively closed or modified by appropriate authority.
  • Perform data analysis and conducts modeling based on different scenarios.
  • Respond to requests for information and or clarification from department representatives regarding the budget, or related information. Review expenditures of departments to ensure compliance with their spend plans. Collect, review, analyze and maintain records of actual operating expenses and revenues from past years to project and advise senior management whether estimated following fiscal year's appropriation will be sufficient to cover projected expenditures in next future year's spend plan.
  • Responsible for monitoring daily fund balances, reprogramming, and transferring funds as necessary and appropriate.
  • Serves as the court's subject matter expert on the use and available functionalities of the wide variety of manual and automated accounting systems and cash management tools. Assist and train other court employees in the use of these systems and tools.
  • Review and enter travel authorization obligations into the Judiciary Integrated Financial Management System (JIFMS). Review and apply first-level approval on payment documents in JIFMS and review and approve Citibank transactions in the Citibank Credit Card module in JIFMS.
  • Assist with the performance of internal reviews to ensure compliance with Guide to Judiciary Policies and Procedures, internal controls, and generally accepted accounting principles. Prepare documents to identify findings and develop written recommendations for changes.
  • Assist in ensuring that appropriate internal controls for disbursement, transfer, recording, and reporting of monies are followed. Review purchase requests related to proposed expenses by the court for appropriateness of procurement and funding. Collaborate with information technology staff to develop or customize programs or systems to assist with finance and accounting transactions and record keeping. Assists the Financial Operations Supervisor with compliance of internal controls, policies, and procedures.
  • Maintain, reconcile, and analyze accounting records non-appropriated fund bank statements. Review accounts payable and accounts receivable activities; have responsibility for the accuracy and accountability of Court's operating budget and maintaining spending levels.
  • Maintain awareness of changes to general laws, rules, regulations, and policies announced by the Administrative Office of the United States Court (AOUSC) or disseminated in any judiciary constituency groups related to this area of the court's business operations by following applicable newsletters, announcements of updates to the Guide to Judiciary Policies and Procedures and similar information sources, then ensure all members of the court who need to know about such changes are made aware of them.
  • Serve as subject matter expert and "Office of Primary Responsibility" (OPR) regarding all internal court rules, guidelines, policies, etc., regarding this area of the court's business operations.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Conditions of Employment

Only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted and must travel at their own expense if interviews are conducted in person. Reimbursement for relocation is not available. The court reserves the right to modify the conditions of this announcement, commence interviews immediately, withdraw the announcement, or fill the position at any time, any of which actions may occur without notice.

Employees of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit are excepted service appointments. Federal government civil service classifications or regulations do not apply. All offers of employment are provisional pending successful completion of a background check or investigation and a favorable employment suitability determination. This position is subject to Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for payroll deposit.

Must be a U.S. citizen or eligible to work in the United States. Non-citizens may be interviewed and considered for employment, but employment offers will only be made to individuals who qualify under one of the exceptions in 8 U.S.C.§ 1324b(a)(3)(B). Under 8 U.S.C.§1324b(a)(3)(B), a lawful permanent resident seeking citizenship may not apply for citizenship until he or she has been a permanent resident for at least five years (three years if seeking naturalization as a spouse of a citizen), at which point he or she must apply for citizenship within six months of becoming eligible, and must complete the process within two years of applying (unless there is a delay caused by the processors of the application). Non-citizens who have not been permanent residents for five years will be required to execute an affidavit that they intend to apply for citizenship when they become eligible to do so.


Required Qualifications
Candidates must possess at a minimum, a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. The preferred candidate will possess experience in financial management at the federal, state, or local government level.

Candidates must have a minimum of two (2) years of progressively responsible administrative or professional experience that provided thorough knowledge of the theories, principles, practices, and skills required for the regular and recurring application of administrative procedures that demonstrate the ability to apply a body of rules, regulations, directives, or laws and involved the routine use of specialized terminology and automated software and equipment for word processing, data entry, and report generation. At least one (1) of the two (2) years of experience must have been specialized experience in budget, accounts payable, and financial reporting that provided an opportunity to acquire a thorough knowledge of the basic concepts, principles, policies, and theories of financial management.
  • CL-26 ($54,548 - $88,720): Possession of an undergraduate degree and at least one (1) year of specialized experience equivalent to a CL 25 (GS 9).
  • CL-27 ($59,955 - $97,441): Possession of an undergraduate degree and at least two (2) years of specialized experience equivalent to a CL 26 (GS 10).


Candidates must possess a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.

Additional information

The court reserves the right to modify the conditions of this announcement, commence interviews immediately, withdraw the announcement, or fill the position at any time, any of which actions may occur without notice.