Human Resource Specialist

Axle Informatics
Derwood, MD
Sep 10, 2022
Sep 25, 2022
Accountant, IT
Full Time
Overview: Axle Informatics is a bioscience and information technology company that offers advancements in translational research, biomedical informatics, and data science applications to research centers and healthcare organizations nationally and abroad. With experts in biomedical science, software engineering, and program management, we focus on developing and applying research tools and techniques to empower decision-making and accelerate research discoveries. We work with some of the top research organizations and facilities in the country including multiple institutes at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Axle is seeking a highly ambitious, adaptable, structured, and detail-oriented Human Resource Specialist to join our vibrant team at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) supporting the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) located in Rockville, MD. Overall Position Summary and Objectives The contractor will independently provide support services as a Health Recruitment Specialist with responsibility for developing, managing, and coordinating the NINDS Staff Recruitment Program. The main goal of the program will be to reduce staff vacancy rates by increasing the pool of highly qualified applicants, streamlining the pool of highly qualified applicants and streamlining the pre-application, screening, and interview process. Initially, the program will focus on filling Health Program Specialist and high-priority Health Scientist Administrator vacancies, but if successful, may later be expanded to include other Extramural positions and potentially even positions in the Office of the Director or Intramural. Deliverables:Upon request, the contractor shall provide documentation evidence of any and/or all work products, including, but not limited to copies of job postings and/or all recruitment materials developed on behalf of NINDS; monthly status reports of all sourcing activities; status reports of all applicants referred, selected, and hired; metrics on how applicants find out about NINDS job opportunities; metrics on success of advertisement sources in attracting potential candidates; and ad hoc reports requested by management to support continuous improvement. - Ad-HocWork Details:Analyzes existing policies and training methods and provides suggestions for improvement.Conducts in-depth analysis of current and future staff needs.Collects metrics on how applicants find out about job opportunities, as well as other relevant metrics to support continuous improvement.Advises on or develops new policies, procedures and educational programs.Develop strategies utilizing marketing concepts; planning successful tacticsDevelop, organize, and implement a comprehensive recruitment and marketing program for NINDS.Evaluates complex human resource HR and work related problems.Develop new work management strategies and advises on new policies, procedures and educational programs.Develop, organize, and implement a comprehensive recruitment and marketing program for NINDS.Formulate and implement long and short-term policies, procedures, and program plans for the attraction and retention of staff.Provides support in administering HR policies and procedures.Coordinate and manage a panel for hiring a high-level management position; manage the chair documents; draft interview questions; write/draft meeting introductions.Write detailed comments, explanations, recommendations, and review outcomes, as well as write a wide variety of correspondence which explains policy and procedural requirements to program and administrative staff.Provide advice and suggestions to program and administrative managers on a variety of HR personnel actions, to include advising on appointment and compensation requirements;Provide advice with regard to the interpretation and proper use of these mechanisms for appointment of scientific staff; Works with NINDS hiring managers, the NINDS Division of Neuroscience Chief of Staff, and the Administrative Services Branch to understand NINDS' staffing needs and processes.Collects and analyzes HR data and makes recommendations to management.Maintains a database/management information system to track candidate leads for short-term and long-term use.Formulates and implements long and short-term policies, procedures, and program plans for the attraction and retention of staff.Conducts in-depth analysis of current and future staffing needs and tracks potential and referred applicants.Evaluates the program and prepares analytical reports for hiring managers.Collects metrics on how applicants find out about NINDS job opportunities, and other relevant metrics to support continuous improvement.Processes human resource documentation according to established procedures.Ensure completion of all HR paperwork required for onboarding, including required notarizations.All job positing and/or all recruitment materials developed on behalf of NINDS are established in accordance with NIH/NINDS regulations.Promotes transparent communication and collaborative processes adhering to NINDS procedures.Actively source candidates utilizing the strategies outlined in advertising campaign and accordance with NINDS procedures.Maintains external relationships to convey information about NINDS as an employer and publicize employment opportunities with NINDS on a regular basis. in accordance with NINDS procedures.Conducts new hire orientation and provides support during the onboarding period.Responds to inquiries for employment information.Prepare and disseminate employment and community information to potential hires.Conduct screening interviews and filter candidates for open positions.Refer candidates to hiring officials for possible interest, and collaborate with NINDS hiring managers and administrative staff to coordinate informal selections with NIH global recruitment opportunities.Serve as a key liaison between potential applicants and NINDS staff.Researches and recommends internal HR office related policies and procedures.Develops and implements innovative outreach strategies and tools targeting populations of interest.Proactive with outreach to diverse applicants, communities, organizations, and institutions.Develop advertising campaign with recruitment sources, posting NINDS opportunities and determining on an ongoing basis the best resources to utilize.Develop and maintain recruitment materials that can be showcases at events or placed on NINDS' website.Prepare and deliver presentations/webinars about NINDS opportunities virtually and in person.Provides support within a specialized area of HR including benefits, compensation, recruiting, performance management or employee relations.Develops a roster of national colleges/universities specializing in graduate level neuroscience programs and developing collaborative relationships with career centers.Determines appropriate employment sites for advertising NINDS positions and works with hiring managers to disseminate job ads on internal/external job sites.Participates in job fairs, local and national conferences, and biomedical career days at schools and universities and with professional association groups to educate possible candidates about NIH and NINDS.Source candidates through databases, social media, and virtual or in-person networking (eg postdoc associations, SFN Chapter, AWIS)Refer candidates to hiring official for possible interest.Audits records and documents for HR regulatory compliance.Coordinate government/non-government action requests; maintain and develop spreadsheets to be sent to upper level staff for compliance; ensure that delivery due dates are met.Analyze outreach hiring emails or HR compliance.Analyze sourcing tools for HR compliance.Analyze recruitment documentation for HR compliance.Analyze advertising campaign for HR compliance.Coordinates implementation of services, policies and programs related to HR.Develops and implements a comprehensive recruitment and marketing program for NINDS. 1Works with NINDS hiring managers, Chief of Staff, and the Administrative Services Branch to understand NINDS' staffing needs and processes. 2Actively participates in NIH/NINDS wide groups to represent hiring managers' interests; collaborates with appropriate NINDS offices for additional event opportunities. 3Works with hiring managers to disseminate job ads on internal/external job sites. 4Works with NINDS staff who are attending conferences to ensure they can easily access and distribute up-to-date recruitment materials. 51, 2, 3, 4, 5 represents priority rankings, where 1 is highest priority and 5 is lowest priority of those ranked Minimum Education Bachelor's Additional Qualifications: Certifications & LicensesBachelor's Degree in Education or research experience in biomedical or related fieldMinimum of two years of related experience with recruitment and/or science outreach.Field of StudyMarketing and Marketing ResearchHuman Resources and Personnel ManagementSoftwareOn-line advertisingResume databasesSocial MediaWebExSharePointMS OfficeSkillsDesign recruitment and retention studiesKnowledge of scientific environments and professionsReport writing and data analyticsSourcing techniquesExcellent oral/presentation skills Benefits 100% Medical Dental & Vision Coverage for EmployeesEducational Benefits for Career GrowthPaid Time Off (Including Holidays)Employee Referral BonusProfit Sharing401K MatchingFlexible Spending Accounts:Healthcare (FSA)Parking Reimbursement Account (PRK)Dependent Care Assistant Program (DCAP)Transportation Reimbursement Account (TRN) The diversity of Axle's employees is a tremendous asset. We are firmly committed to providing equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and will not tolerate any illegal discrimination or harassment based on age, race, gender, religion, national origin, disability, marital status, covered veteran status, sexual orientation, status with respect to public assistance, and other characteristics protected under state, federal, or local law and to deter those who aid, abet, or induce discrimination or coerce others to discriminate. Accessibility: If you need an accommodation as part of the employment process please contact: Disclaimer: The above description is meant to illustrate the general nature of work and level of effort being performed by individual's assigned to this position or job description. This is not restricted as a complete list of all skills, responsibilities, duties, and/or assignments required. Individuals may be required to perform duties outside of their position, job description or responsibilities as needed.

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