HR Assoc Analyst

Bentonville, VA
Sep 13, 2022
Oct 02, 2022
Full Time
Responsibilities: This positions is responsible for ensuring best possible HR and admin services to internal customers through timely processing of payroll, employee benefits management, employee engagement interventions and administrations tasks. Also play a vital role in law and policy compliance related matters within the company and with third party vendors.Recruitment & Employee On-boarding1. Announce all vacant position in KENEXA and ensure to use all sourcing and communication channels for efficient pool generations and attracting the right candidates.2. Partner with hiring managers to develop shortlisting and selection criteria to ensure non-discrimination and hiring of best talent. Also participate in the initial interviewing process for all L06 and below hirings.3. Lead on-boarding and hiring due diligence process, which includes background and degree verification, departmental orientation plans, system upgradation, hiring announcements and probation evaluations. Lead side Change Management agenda by working in close coordination with site leadership team and CMT in support centre.Learning & Development1. Administer Degreed platform by strongly partner with site ambassador, site leadership team and supporting centre.I. Onsite classroom training delivery for FL staffII. Degreed system administrations and user support2. Work in close coordination with Ops team for better integration and implementation of FL career progression model and FL academy with site capability building matrix.Labour & Contract Management1. Responsible for ensuring all labour compliance related documents are up to date.2. Work in close coordination with Ops team to ensure that OT calculations and records are accurately maintained and are as per the government rules and regulations.3. Ensure that all labour practices are as per the ETI base code and compliance to all 9 elements and documentation.4. Ensure that all vendors are compliant with the statutory requirements, specially labour laws.5. Lead negotiations at the time for contract finalizing new vendor/service providers or renewal of existing vendors / service providers.6. Lead the disciplinary action process and ensure that actions are as per the company requirements and in-line with the statutory requirements.7. Supervise third party labour contractor for the processing of salaries for all outsourced employees and ensure timely clearance of contractor's salary invoices.8. Conduct audits of all labour contractors as per labour law and PepsiCo standard standards.Payroll, Compensation & Benefits Management1. Responsible for the processing of monthly payroll in coordination with payroll outsourcing vendor and CU's payroll executive; also coordinate with approving authorities for approvals and Finance for salaries disbursements.2. Process employee Salary & Medical Advances and ensure effective correspondence with Finance department for timely transfer of funds into concerned employees bank accounts.3. Periodic review of all controls on payroll and employee benefits as per GCS standards and suggest in case of any changes required.4. Set a strong mechanism and ensure key controls are in place for the verification of all medical and T claims (submitted by employees & approved by respective managers) as per related policies and procedures. Also update and maintain the overall medical entitlement record on monthly basis.5. Work in liaison with finance department to ensure smoothly processing of payment pertaining to insurance agency/ agencies, EOBI, Banks, Income Tax Authorities or any other body pertaining to employee related benefits.6. Responsible for processing employee final settlements with complete accuracy while coordinating Finance for generation of final settlement checks.Personnel Management & System Administration1. MyHR & Personnel ManagementI. Annual manpower planning in BPC, while working with site Finance team and BPC team in supporting centre.II. Ensure new recruits/employee separation information aligned with MyHR & Payroll records prior to the monthly payroll run and update any missing/incorrect information.III. Responsible for updating all approved changes (Job change, Reporting lines, etc.) in MyHR in a timely manner after verification of necessary documentation.IV. Ensure that all employee personnel files are complete and up to date for any audit or controls requirements also personnel data authenticity in MyHR for monthly payroll.2. KRONOS / Attendance ManagementI. liaison with vendor for all system related queries, system upgradation and annual licencingII. Manage the Attendance Management System effectively; coordinate with BIS and other stakeholders to ensure that the attendance and leave records are updated all the time.Administration & Plant Security Management1. Management of administration and security MOH and productivity initiatives without compromising on delivery quality. Also work in liaison with Finance to prepare monthly funds forecast for the processing of all HR & Admin related payments.2. Manage all vendors dealing with employee benefits (fuel, mobile, medical insurance, etc) to ensure that all benefits are effectively managed and records are up to date. Qualifications: Preferably 5+ years in managing Personnel / Industrial relations / Training & Development area in a multi-national or a good local companyAt least graduation in business administration; preferably masters in Human Resources Management.Strong Management SkillsInterpersonal and negitiation skills Analytical and Detail orientationAdaptable to changeWork organization