Spanish Language Arts - Dual Language

Alexandria, Virginia
Jun 15, 2022
Dec 09, 2022
Full Time
Job Description

The Spanish Language Arts Dual Language Teacher develops students' content knowledge and Spanish language skills through the implementation of the Spanish language arts curriculum. The teacher utilizes best practices and strategies in dual language education; differentiates lesson plans, instruction, and assessments for students with different academic needs and language proficiency levels; collaborates with dual language colleagues to enhance instructional practices and support program goals; provides feedback to students, parents and administrators regarding student progress, expectations, and goals.

This job reports to the Principal.


Education: Bachelor's degree; Master's degree preferred.

Certificates & Licenses: Valid Virginia Department of Education license required, or eligibility to obtain one.

Experience: Minimum of 3 years experience teaching with a record of successfully impacting student achievement. Job-related experience within the specialized field of dual language education, and experience successfully working with linguistically and culturally diverse learners.

Key Competencies:
  • Fluent academic language proficiency in Spanish and English.
  • Knowledge of current standards, curriculum, and instructional practices in the content area.
  • Knowledge of the goals of dual language education.
  • Knowledge of methods and strategies for teaching academic content to language learners in a dual-language program.
  • Commitment and ability to work with a wide range of students, including gifted students, students with disabilities, English learner students, and students from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds.
  • A positive attitude and a strong belief that all students can learn and have the capacity for academic excellence.
  • Understanding and application of knowledge about cultural norms, values, and beliefs in the context of teaching and learning.
  • Ability to integrate technology into instruction.
  • Knowledge of current research-based methods and strategies for working with culturally and linguistically diverse students in a dual-language program.

Essential Functions:
  • Utilizes effective strategies to make content comprehensible to all students in the language of instruction, as well as to develop students' productive language skills (i.e., Project GLAD, SIOP)
  • Adapts classroom work to provide students with instructional materials that address individualized needs within established lesson plans developed to accommodate students' varying proficiency levels in Spanish.
  • Implements lesson plans, incorporating best practices for dual language education.
  • Administers subject-specific assessments, academic achievement assessments, and language proficiency assessments to ascertain student competency levels, inform instruction and develop individual learning plans.
  • Advises parents and/or legal guardians of student progress to communicate expectations and achievements and develop methods for improvement and/or reinforcing classroom goals in the home environment.
  • Commitment to promoting the dual language program with instructional staff, parents, and the community.
  • Assesses student progress towards objectives, expectations, and/or goals to provide feedback to students, parents, and administration.
  • Collaborates with instructional staff, other school personnel, parents, and the community to improve the overall quality of student outcomes and achieve established classroom objectives in support of the school improvement plan.
  • Directs assistant teachers, student teachers, instructional assistants, volunteers, and/or student workers for the purpose of providing an effective dual language classroom
  • Upholds the three pillars of dual language education to support all students in becoming bilingual/bi-literate, achieving academically, and developing cross-cultural socio-cultural competence.
  • Monitors students in a variety of educational environments (e.g. classroom, outside grounds, field trips, school/dual language functions, etc.) for the purpose of providing a safe and positive learning environment.
  • Participates in a variety of meetings for the purpose of conveying or gathering information required to perform functions.
  • Prepares a variety of written materials (e.g. grades, attendance, anecdotal records, etc.) for the purpose of documenting student progress and meeting mandated requirements. Reports incidents (e.g. fights, suspected child abuse, suspected substance abuse, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining the personal safety of students, providing a positive learning environment, and adhering to the Education Code and school policies.
  • Performs other related duties, as assigned, for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit.
  • May perform other additional duties or tasks as designated by supervisor.

  • Criminal Justice Fingerprint/Background Clearance.
  • Tuberculosis Skin Test

Public Health Compliance
  • Proof of COVID vaccination. Exemptions for religious/medical will be reviewed.
  • Must follow safety and health protocols.


Primary Location:
George Washington Middle School
Salary Range:
Teachers and Other Licensed Staff Salary Scale (
Shift Type: