Equipment Specialist (Gunsmith)

Springfield, VA
The hourly pay range for a GS-12 position is $89,834.00 to $116,788.00
Sep 16, 2022
Oct 03, 2022
Full Time


This is a non-status, non-permanent Personal Service Contract (PSC) position. You do not acquire a competitive or excepted service status from this position "You are encouraged to read the entire announcement before you submit your application package. Your application may not get full consideration if you do not follow the instructions as outlined.

SERIES & GRADE: GS-1670-12


  • U.S. Citizenship is required.
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a Secret security clearance.


 Occasional Travel

Description: Travel to field offices, embassies, and consulates may be required in support of the DEAV mission.

DURATION APPOINTMENT: Temporary Non-Status Contractor Position: 1 year renewable for up to 4 years


Position is located in the Defensive Equipment and Armored Vehicles Division, Office of Physical Security Programs, Countermeasures Directorate, Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS/C/PSP/DEAV). 

In this position, you will inspect, repair and modify a variety of Diplomatic Security (DS) weapons for official duty use. 


  1. Performs a wide variety of weapon repairs and modifications.
  2. Inspects, test fires, and certifies new and repaired service weapons to include the following: semi-automatic pistols, pump action shotguns, semi-automatic and fully automatic rifles, machine guns, submachine guns, and special purpose weapons.
  3. Assists in the processing of DS firearms being shipped to/from overseas posts and field offices; in the worldwide DS mission supporting the USMC Marine Security Guard program. Inventories weapons, optics, and spare parts.
  4. Provides guidance to DEAV and DS leadership on issues related to weapons, ammunition, and their use.
  5. Investigates catastrophic failures of weapons and reports of accidental discharges of firearms by examining the weapon involved and determining if the discharge was the result of faulty equipment or human error.


Applicants applying for the GS-12 grade level must meet the following requirements:

Examples of qualifying specialized experience include:

  • Working as a skilled mechanic or maintenance worker, sales or service engineer, or planner or estimator in a technical group dealing with manufacture, utilization, repair, or operation of equipment.
  • Reviewing and applying technical specifications and requirements.
  • Analyzing equipment and forecasting spare parts requirements.
  • Reading and interpreting engineering change orders, equipment requisitions, shop orders, and work orders.
  • Analyzing contract specifications and examining pertinent equipment to determine if specifications are met.
  • Analyzing or supervising maintenance, repair, or production operations to determine methods of improvement.

In addition, qualifying specialized experience must demonstrate the following:

  • Experience repairing and modifying a variety of firearm weapons. 
  • Experience serving as an instructor in armor related courses.
  • Experience in the use of hand tools and machine shop equipment including, but not limited to, torque wrenches, specialist gauging equipment, minor filing and stoning, vertical mill, engine lathe, hand grinders, precision measures equipment, and weapon specific tools.

There is no substitute of education for specialized experience for the GS-12 position.

How You will be Evaluated:

Your qualifications will be evaluated on the following competencies:

  • Knowledge of firearms operation, mechanics, and maintenance as they relate to the diagnosing of weapons problems and malfunctions.
  • Knowledge of ballistics and expert level of shooting ability.
  • Knowledge of the firearms industry.
  • Knowledge of interrelated mechanical systems enabling the evaluation, repair, modification, and adjustment of weapons.

Applicants found to be among the top qualified candidates will be referred to the hiring official for further consideration and possible interview.  


Submit a detailed resume. Applications must be received electronically by 11:59 pm on 10/3/2022.  Your resume or application must clearly reflect the requirements of this position, if not your application may not be considered.  Applications, which are incomplete, not received by the deadline stated above will not be considered.  

All materials submitted will become property of the Department of State. For any questions, please contact DS HRM at 571-345-3767.