Business Intelligence Manager

Washington D.C
Jul 27, 2022
Aug 16, 2022
Analyst, Management
Full Time
WMATA is seeking a planning or data science professional with a passion for public transit, data science, research, and analytics to join the Applied Planning Intelligence team in Metro's Office of Planning. The API team exists in the space between business intelligence, research, transit planning, and data science to integrate and leverage big data and develop actionable intelligence on ridership and our riders' experience. The team serves as a rapid-response internal consulting and analysis team, a research and development group, and innovators for extracting useful information from a sea of data.

The Business Intelligence Manager will identify research needs, discover new applications of operational data sources, develop scopes of work and research plans, work with staff and consultant teams conducting analysis, manage projects, and represent API throughout Metro. Project topics may include the full range of API's work, including service, performance, operations, fare policy, the customer experience, geospatial travel demand, location-based services (LBS) data, ridership, customer impacts of policy proposals, and more.

Preferable technologies and environments include data analysis skills (SQL, R, or similar), the right candidate will have demonstrated communications and data visualization skills (e.g. Tableau). The selected candidate will work with a variety of technical and non-technical audiences inside and outside Metro to assess analysis needs, share results, bring data to decision-makers, and motivate change to benefit Metro's customers.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's Degree in degree in City/Regional Planning, Civil/Transportation/Software Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science, or a related field

  • A minimum of seven (7) years of progressively responsible experience in data systems development, management, and analysis of public transportation systems, transportation operations, or related fields, to include a minimum of two (2) years in a supervisory capacity and/or management of projects, project teams, and consultants

  • N/A

  • N/A

Medical Group

Satisfactorily complete the medical examination for this position, if required. The incumbent must be able to perform the essential functions of this position either with or without reasonable accommodations.

Job Summary

The Business Intelligence Manager leads strategic planning and business intelligence activities in the Office of Planning, delivering data pipelines and quantitative analysis to gain insights into the organization, while supporting strategic decision making. The incumbent manages and supports a team, responsible for gathering, organizing, and analyzing data from a variety of operational and planning data systems, designing business solutions aimed at optimizing performance throughout the authority. The incumbent leads and serves as an integral member of a team required to identify and cultivate data sources, develop data flow and data transformation algorithms, generate tools and data sets. The results provide critical information to support WMATA offices' offering data supported, action-driven recommendations and insights to executive leaders and managers. The incumbent also participates in strategic and tactical planning discussions to identify key questions and areas to be analyzed.

  • Leads and supports the implementation of data sets, algorithms, and/or tools in support of the Business and Strategic Plans across the Authority. Enables data-driven decision-making throughout the authority. Uses technical knowledge and business acumen to identify opportunities for and strategies to capture, transform, aggregate, summarize, and publish data from a variety of internal and external sources.
  • Identifies opportunities to use data to improve decision making processes, addressing the planning, operations, capital, and transit performance measurement challenges of internal client groups.
  • Identifies datasets from a variety of operational and planning systems to be cultivated to support data-driven decision making for internal clients. Identifies opportunities for improved data storage and aggregation formats. Conducts interviews with data owners; documents data flows; develops requirements for data transformation tasks.
  • Develops, extracts, transforms, and loads scripts to migrate raw data into large, structured datasets. Makes data sets more accessible to other analysts and subsequent steps in the data flow process.
  • Creates database objects to store structured and aggregated data and facilitate data extraction. Creates new data storage for full data sets in a location accessible to existing data systems and tools.
  • Authors, optimizes, and runs user- and business-focused data transformation algorithms. Converts "big" data into aggregated and summarized formats more easily used by analysts. Develops and runs Oracle SQL or other scripts to transform data from bulky raw full data sets into aggregated "data marts".
  • Develops dashboards and data tools to support PLAN's technical analyses and customer-focused, data-driven decision making within other WMATA offices. Enables data-driven decision making for non-technical users by creation of user-friendly, web-based dashboards to answer complex business questions and provide data downloads. Authors Tableau dashboards, hosts dashboards on internal or external Tableau server instances.
  • Leads analysis of ridership, fare system, vehicle location, and other WMATA data to identify actionable insights for stakeholders across WMATA. Enables data-driven decision-making and uses data to inform policy. Analyzes, aggregates, and integrates multiple sources of data, creates data visualizations, creates graphics and writes reports and presentations to communicate conclusions to stakeholders.
  • Serves as a project manager, managing teams consisting of contractors and colleagues from partner departments to develop planning, capital, and systems intelligence solutions, to achieve the Authority's mission and resolve the region's mobility challenges. Coordinates and guides project teams in the steps of data transformation and dashboard/tool creation.
  • Facilitates the procurement of consultant services, third-party data and tools and new industry insights into the future of regional travel demand. Brings on-board new analytical skills and datasets to provide insights into the future of regional travel demand.
  • Maintains effective working relationships with individuals and organizations.
  • Supervises subordinate staff to include interviewing, hiring, training, and coaching employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; establishing work plans and programs; leveraging team and individual strengths; managing performance; rewarding and disciplining employees. Other supervisorial duties as needed.


WMATA is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, status as a protected veteran, or any other status protected by applicable federal law.

This posting is an announcement of a vacant position under recruitment. It is not intended to replace the official job description. Job descriptions are available upon confirmation of an interview.

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