Hourly Manager

Burger King | BFS Companies
Hancock, MD
Aug 11, 2022
Aug 19, 2022
Full Time
Basic Function: The Hourly Manager delivers the Customer Promise through direction of crew, customer service and operations during assigned shifts. The Hourly Manager is responsible for restaurant operations during assigned shifts when the RM is not present. Responsibilities: Leads Shift Operations: Directs efficient and accurate preparation and sale of products for prompt customer delivery within the established speed of service guidelines. Provides production direction to crew in a clear, concise way (Leads Others) Sets an example for crew by working hard to implement shift plan ensure swift and smooth production (Gets Results) Identifies and solves bottlenecks in food preparation and Customer Promise delivery to increase speed of service (Solves Problems) Demonstrates patience and a positive attitude with crew while delegating tasks and giving instructions (Influences Others) Leads Customer Promise Delivery: Motivates crew members to exceed customer expectations with food friendly service in clean surroundings. Makes a professional impression on customers and crew through positive, courteous, and friendly attitude (Influences Others) Works with crew to act on customer feedback and resolve customer complaints in a timely, friendly and professional manner (Influences Others/Solves Problems) Directs crew to take pride in the details of delivering the Customer Promise and Brand Delivery Standards (Gets Results) Demonstrates flexibility to meet different team needs to ensure Customer Promise delivery (Can Play Many Roles) Builds Crew Talent: Directs, trains and motivates crew members during shift on each of the workstations as needed to enhance restaurant results. Delegates work to crew members in a way that encourages them to work together during shift to ensure the restaurant operates to KB/BKC standards (Leads People) Assists RM's in training crew members on workstations and making them feel their contributions are valuable (Leads People) Sets challenging goals for self and crew during shift and ensures accountability Assists with Restaurant Compliance: Adheres to compliance of government regulations, food safety, operations and KB/BKC policies and procedures relating to all activities in the restaurant during the shift. Directs crew members to do what it takes to maintain restaurant and equipment cleanliness and sanitation standards (Gets Results) Takes initiative to immediately report violations of safety, sanitation or security policies to restaurant management and perform short-term solutions (Has Expertise/Shows Drive) Motivates crew members to comply with loss control procedures and to maintain a safe and secure environment for customers and other crew members (leads People) Demonstrates to restaurant management that he/she can be relied upon to maintain compliance during shift {Influences Others) Assists with Profit and Loss: Follows marketing plan and cash control/security procedures and helps to maintain inventory and labor costs. Completes checklists and procedures for cash reporting, inventory control, and scheduling during shift (Has Expertise) Seeks coaching from others to increase understanding of restaurant financial controls (Learns Quickly) Helps to remove performance barriers and provides resources for crew and restaurant to perform well {Solves Problems) Qualifications: Must be at least (18) years of age. High school diploma or equivalent. English language proficiency that enables speech clarity and proficient verbal and written comprehension Basic Math Skills The incumbent has completed the following internal certification training programs or is willing to complete them within the timeframe prescribed by KB Fast Foods, including but not limited to: Basic Management Training {BMT), and Serve Safe. Perform such similar, comparable, or related duties as may be required or assigned. Brand: Burger King Address: 434 E. Main St. Hancock, MD - 21750 Property Description: 1150-E. Main St-Hancock, MD Property Number: TA8001150