Strategic Account Executive - HHS

Reston, VA
Aug 11, 2022
Aug 19, 2022
Full Time
Description Job Description: The Strategic Account Executive is the lead Leidos executive responsible for strengthening and advancing trusted relationships with the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) and for growing Leidos business within the Health & Human Services Departmental Offices (DO) and targeting US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), HHS DO and HRSA. The Strategic Account Executive must have extensive career experience and recognized credentials supporting CMS, CDC, FDA, NIH, HHS DO and HRSA/ACF missions and operations, a vibrant and sustained network and strong team and relationship building skills. The candidate must have a fully developed understanding of current and evolving Health & Human Services programs, and be fully knowledgeable of the associated doctrine, strategies, operational concepts, and requirements. The candidate must be familiar with the HHS & Agency CIOs, and Health & Human Services leadership and be able to exchange information and ideas with influencers and decision makers supporting Health & Human Services strategy, plans and programs. This individual will provide direct support to President, Health Group, SVP Government Health & Safety Solutions (GHSS) and report administratively to Senior Vice President, Strategic Account Executives & Government Relations. In doing the above, the position requires understanding the mission, internal and external pressures and to engage in shaping the environment for growth. Responsibilities: General responsibilities include identifying, qualifying, and supporting capture and closure on Health business opportunities; facilitating mission needs identification; marketing the full range of corporate capabilities; and maximizing external and internal collaboration as detailed by the roles and responsibilities below. Customer & Government Relations: Develop and maintain customer intimacy with mid and senior level leaders across Health & Human Services with a focus on Internal Revenue Service, Health & Human Services DO, and targeted Bureaus. Act as a subject matter expert in the HHS and Health & Human Services community with a demonstrated ability to discuss and explain differentiated capabilities in Leidos programs, plans and positions on key areas related to HHS and Health & Human Services enterprise-managed information technology programs. Develop and strengthen a trusted relationship with the customer while serving as the primary Leidos senior representative to the HHS and Health & Human Services customer. Ensure a coherent, integrated Leidos message to the customer while promoting corporate capabilities and solutions to meet customer needs. Build and maintain a robust network of customer relationships at HHS, Health & Human Services DO, and targeted Agencies. Develop and maintain customer confidence with mid and senior level leaders of the HHS, Health & Human Services DO, and targeted Agencies. Develop and maintain relationships with relevant members and staff of the United States Congress - Senate and the House of Representatives in the area of HHS and Health & Human Services. Business Development & Strategy: Contribute to meeting Business Development (BD) responsibilities, in coordination with Operations, Program and Capture Managers, establishing and maintaining an integrated BD strategy towards the acquisition and by supporting all required HHS and Health & Human Services capture initiatives. Act as Leidos focal point for all Business Development Strategic development planning, regarding Health & Human Services, including development of an annual Strategic Business Plan (SBP) Participate and contribute, as appropriate, in contract and technical engineering reviews and updates including: PMP, SMP, PDR, IDR, and other customer-initiated collaboration sessions. Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to develop and implement teaming and subcontractor planning, to ensure fully leveraging partner capabilities and resources. Coordinate efforts of the HHS account management team and Health Business Capture Operations in creating, distributing and updating a Strategic Account Plan that shapes and supports corporate strategic and annual planning efforts in support of the HHS/Health & Human Services customer. Assess customer's direction, trends and strategic opportunities in the 3-5 year time horizon providing results to strategic captures and campaigns, and to internal leaders. Help develop new ideas and solutions to capture new business. Contribute to strategic planning by providing insights as to the evolution of and changes in HHS and Health & Human Services missions, mission approaches, and funding profiles. Participate creatively in identifying novel solutions for HHS and Health & Human Services highest priorities and mission needs. Provide continuous monitoring, identification and information sharing related to internal and external opportunities, leveraging the needed Leidos corporate resources to set the conditions for business growth by shaping and influencing HHS/Health & Human Services requirements. Contribute to Leidos-developed competitive Intelligence reports by providing insights, assessments and recommendations on customer, partner and competitor activities, intentions and trends. Strategic Communications: Define Leidos to the customer by communicating the full breadth and depth of Leidos' services and solutions that can support the customer's mission. Define the customer to Leidos by ensuring Leidos understands customer needs and trends. Communicate account information horizontally across all Leidos Groups to aid in their business development and program execution. Establish a collaboration and information reporting capability to support customer information and track emerging opportunities, issues and results. Provide senior customers an avenue to communicate satisfaction/dissatisfaction with Health Business program performance. Communicate internally across Health as required to facilitate planning and execution while disseminating customer information and tracking emerging opportunities, issues and results. Coordinate and attend meetings with line management to identify and shape emerging opportunities supporting the HHS and Health & Human Services customer. Discuss and explain Health Business capabilities, technologies, programs, plans and positions on key areas related to HHS and Health & Human Services enterprise IT management and infrastructure. Establish and maintain communication and feedback methods and practices with all key Leidos Executives and Senior Management throughout the identification, investment, capture and implementation of HHS and Health & Human Services Programs and Pursuits. Account Management and Program Oversight: Manage all account-specific resources to the budgets established in the Account Management Plan. Identify and monitor key US Government Policy initiatives regarding the HHS and other Health & Human Services missions. Conduct customer assessments on contract/task performance and provide feedback to the line organizations. Support line management to resolve any conflicting internal or customer-based issues. Facilitate identification of the right Leidos capabilities and resources for identified opportunities. Actively contribute to the development of new ideas and solutions to capture new business to increase Leidos market share in the HHS and Health & Human Services account. Act as the primary point of coordination for any organization within Leidos seeking entry into the account to develop business with the customer. Facilitate identification of the right Leidos capabilities and resources for identified opportunities. Coordinate with line management to identify business opportunities Leidos wants to pursue, ensuring any required mitigation and resolution of OCI issues that emerge. Work with designated capture and campaign teams to shape customer opportunities. Identify specific growth opportunities within HHS and Health & Human Services through consideration of potential merger & acquisition candidates and by taking advantage of teaming opportunities. Contribute to opportunity preparation and capture strategy to include participation in pipeline qualification and color reviews. Miscellaneous: Promote and introduce corporate capabilities and solutions to the customer, including consideration for leveraging teaming and partnership to introduce new services and solutions. Possess an in-depth understanding of both the customer's and Leidos business and of the competitive landscape, including competitors and potential Leidos industry partners. Develop and track a strategic Customer Engagement Plan that ensures robust customer contacts through scheduled meetings and customer-sponsored events. Host senior customer visits to Leidos and arrange visits to customer sites. Lead annual meeting to identify and coordinate efforts on Leidos-sponsored Corporate Trade Shows, Sponsorships and Memberships, including all required executive briefings to appropriate management levels. Represent Leidos as a relevant Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the HHS and Health & Human Services communities. Identify and monitor key US Government Policy initiatives regarding the area of HHS and Health & Human Services. Qualifications - Required Experience, Education, and Skills: Bachelor's degree or equivalent with 15+ years extensive professional knowledge with progressive leadership experience. MBA preferred. Must possess extensive understanding of Government customers, doctrine, concepts, and requirements. Demonstrated ability to develop new ideas and quickly apply ideas to help direct solution development for specific problems to support quantitative top line growth numbers. Ability to track changing needs and match Leidos' wide range of capabilities to these needs. Proven ability to work in a complex, multi-faceted organization with a wide range of customer offerings. Ability to develop and sustain customer relationships at all requisite levels. Excellent oral and written communication skills and able to communicate at multiple levels of the organization. Key personal attributes for success in this role include self-reliance, self-initiative, team building, excellent interpersonal skills, positive demeanor and disposition, and excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. Clearance Requirement: Public Trust Pay Range: