Social Media Editor, Reddit

Washington, DC
Aug 09, 2022
Oct 29, 2022
Full Time
Application Instructions

Please list all professional experience and explain any gaps in employment history. All of your application materials, which may include PDF files of work samples and/or links to audio, video, photography or graphics, must be uploaded to the field labeled Resume/Cover Letter/Work Samples to be considered for the position.

Job Description

The Washington Post is looking for an experienced editor with a strong understanding of Reddit to join our expanding social team. We want a savvy, creative social media editor who can connect with Reddit's 52 million daily active users, sharing Washington Post journalism, reporting and expertise. This hire is part of The Post's efforts to better serve the next generation of Post readers and subscribers.

This editor will be charged with optimizing our storytelling for Reddit, leading experimentation with AMAs, Reddit Talks and multimedia, as well as finding engaging ways to showcase The Post's exclusive reporting, investigations, distinct graphics and vibrant personalities.

This role requires a highly engaged Redditor, who has a deep knowledge of the way news is consumed on the platform. The editor should be able to identify unique ways to build relationships with new audiences through consistent communication, engagement with trending topics and experimentation with new on-platform features.

Relationship-building is a key element of this role. This editor should be a steward between The Post, partners at Reddit and the moderators who manage the communities in which we want to amplify our empowering and award-winning journalism. This editor will also be responsible for working with The Post's project editors, marketing teams and data analysts to identify opportunities for AMAs, Reddit Talks, subreddit-building and more.

Ideal candidates should have experience managing a news organization's social accounts during breaking news, planned live events and quiet moments when there is time to craft that perfect social language. Experience working with Reddit is preferred.

Please consider applying if you have at least two years of journalism experience. This role requires someone who can write sharp headlines targeted toward specific audiences and has a command of voice and tone on social media. Comfort with analytics tools such as Chartbeat, Google Analytics and the platform's key metrics is preferred, as is the ability to understand and act upon these insights when appropriate.

Candidates should upload a résumé and cover letter outlining your experience, including the accounts you've run before, and any examples of work on Reddit to our jobs portal. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled, but those received by 08/31/2022 will be prioritized. The cover letter should be addressed to Deputy Director of Social Travis Lyles, Head of Curation and Platforms Coleen O'Lear and Director of Next Generation Audience Development Phoebe Connelly.

The Post strives to provide its readers with high-quality, trustworthy news and information while constantly innovating. That mission is best served by a diverse, multi-generational workforce with varied life experiences and perspectives. All cultures and backgrounds are welcomed.

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