OE-I Budget Manager/Analyst

Arlington, VA
Aug 05, 2022
Aug 15, 2022
Full Time
Overview: Axient LLC is seeking an OE-I Budget Manager/Analyst to support the director and staff for budget issues. This position will be located in/around Arlington, VA. Responsibilities: Responsibilities (the following applies to all OE-I office activities, OECIF and OEPF, programs and projects): Provides budget analysis expertise and support to the OUSD (A) Environment and Energy Resilience (E) office for Operational Energy-Innovation (OE-I). Performs various budget analyst functions involving the formulation, justification, and/or execution of budgets for programs, or projects, including those projects of the Operational Energy Capability Improvement Fund (OECIF) and the Operational Energy Prototype Fund (OEPF). This work requires knowledge and skill in the application of related laws, regulations, policies, precedents, methods and techniques of budgeting. Responsible to collect OE-I related Statements of Work (SOWs) and create, implement, and track the supporting Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPRs) to transfer funds from one military organization to another to procure services and supplies needed to support the OE-I office and DoD OECIF/OEPF projects. Develops an integrated financial planning and reporting process that involves both long-range plans and the day-to-day maintenance/operations for recording financial transactions and the tracking of OECIF/OEPF projects across the Services, combatant commands, and supporting federal or commercial entities. The planning and reporting process must provide both broad and specific financial policies that facilitate achievement of the OE-I, OECIF, OEPF, program/project goals and objectives. An effective basis for formulation and justification of budget requests, and provide reliable financial and managerial data for management and control in execution of the budget, for tracking program/project obligation/expenditure rates, and prepare reports of same for DoD and as needed Congressional review. Reports may include standard DoD financial reports, with supporting written reports with charts as necessary. Budget Development Support: Develops an understanding of Operational Energy Innovation office general mission/objectives and the budget elements of the OECIF and OEPF programs/projects to satisfy budget formulation and justification tasks.Provides support in the development and edit of budget justification exhibits (eg, R2 and other "R" Docs) and related material for the POM/BES and PBR submissions to OSD Supports and participates in presentations of the budgets to include with DoD, Service, and combatant command leadership and Congressional staff members to defend analysis and estimates.Prepares reports for DoD leadership and Congress as neededOther related tasks as assignedBudget and Financial Implementation Support Participates in the budget execution process, including the preparation of OE-I, OECIF, OEPF, spend plans, initiation and distribution of funding documents, and tracking funding levels.Monitors obligations and expenditures for all OE-I, OECIF and OEPF programs and projects in relation to comptroller target benchmarks and provide recommendations for improving fiscal performance.Facilitates the management, distribution of funds through the Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) process, and tracking the distribution and use rates (obligations and expenditures) for OECIF/OEPF/ and other funds as necessaryFacilitates the collection and presentation of data, analyze budgetary trends, and identify risks within cost, schedule, and programmatic parameters.Performs and supports financial alignment and regular reconciliation. Develops monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports and briefing materials for use by OE-I directors and program managers with internal and external audiences, including OSD leadership, working groups, members of Congress, and others.Assists in the identification of unfunded requirements (UFRs) and draft of program issue papers. Performs and supports special financial reporting such as National Science Foundation (NSF) reporting.Attends regular meetings, briefings, and program reviews, relay PPBE milestones and progress of programs to senior leaders and participate in the defense of program budget execution.Prepares reports for DoD leadership and Congress as neededCompletes other related tasks as assignedGeneral Analysis SupportAdvises on issues such as: budgeting strategies, financial management products, resource distribution, program priorities, financial projections, and development of annual budget plans.Provides support services in the areas of program cost analysis, fiscal planning, development of annual work-plans. Designs, develops, and maintains data management systems, data models, and databases to include optimizing model and database performance and operations and report formatting and generations. Prepare reports for DoD leadership and Congress as neededOther related tasks as assignedManagement and submission to external parties. The incumbent must maintain documented records supporting financial forecasts used in the rate and budget area; ensure compliance with internal procedures, applicable regulations (eg Defense Acquisition Regulation / Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) for government contracts, benefit plan agreements), and fiscal laws. Qualifications: Education and Experience: Bachelor's degree in related field of finance, business/project management, program control, or technology with a minimum of 4 years equivalent experience/certification in a financial, program control, and project management relevant area. A Master's degree and 10 years' experience in DoD, in a related field of finance, business/project management, program control, or technology is optimum. Must meet applicable COVID safety requirements and protocols

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