School Nutrition Assistant I

Alexandria, Virginia
Jul 28, 2022
Sep 01, 2022
Career Level
Entry Level
Full Time
Job Description:
The School Nutrition Assistant I prepares and distributes food items for consumption by students and school personnel ensures compliance with reporting requirements and maintains facilities in a sanitary condition.
Education: High School diploma or equivalent.

Certificates & Licenses: None required.

Experience: Job-related experience is desired.

Essential Functions:
  • Arranges food and beverage items (e.g. placing in steam tables, displaying, filling racks, transporting food carts to classrooms, etc.) for students and staff.
  • Assists in promoting the food services program to ensure food service programs are self-supporting.
  • Assists in the preparation of a variety of lunchroom-related reports (e.g. bank deposits, production sheets, temperature sheets, ) in compliance with established regulations.
  • Cleans utensils, equipment, and the storage, food preparation, and serving areas to maintain sanitarily
  • Collects payments for food items (e.g. cash, eligible meal recipients).
  • Cooks food prepares and/or from scratch, to meet projected meal
  • Documents waste (e.g. leftovers, unsanitary food items, spoilage) in compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Inspects food items and/or supplies to verify quantity and specifications of orders in compliance with mandated health
  • Loads carts and delivers meals to classrooms as
  • Monitors kitchen and cafeteria areas to ensure a safe working
  • Monitors temperatures (e.g. freezer, refrigerator, hot food) to ensure safe storing and serving of food items in compliance with health and safety requirements.
  • Prepares food and beverage items to meet mandated nutritional requirements and projected meal
  • Receives supplies and food items to ensure adequate supplies to meet mandated nutritional
  • Reconciles cash transactions and item counts to balance financial and daily inventory
  • Responds to inquiries from various parties to provide information and/or refer to appropriate
  • Serves food items to meet mandated nutritional requirements and/or requests of students and school
  • Stocks of food, condiments, and supplies to maintain adequate quantities and security of

  • Criminal Justice Fingerprint/Background
  • Tuberculosis Skin Test

Public Health Compliance
  • Proof of COVID vaccination. Exemptions for religious/medical will be reviewed.
  • Must follow safety and health protocols.


Primary Location:
ACHS King Street Campus
Salary Range:
$16.25 - $17.76 / School Nutrition Services SUP-07
Shift Type:

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