ESSER III - Bilingual Registrar I/II

Alexandria, Virginia
Sep 20, 2022
Oct 19, 2022
Full Time
Job Description

The job of Registrar was established for the purpose of performing specialized, clerical, and technical tasks related to the registration of students and maintenance of student records and files; as well as entering and maintaining student data in an automated student information system, and responding to inquiries from other departments, schools, and the public. The job involves working closely with culturally and linguistically diverse families and students who are registering for school, and fulfilling other related activities of the EL Office.

This position reports to the Executive Director of the EL Office.

*This is a 240-day, grant-funded position*


Education: Completion of a standard high school diploma or GED. Bachelor of Arts degree or equivalent preferred.

Experience: Data entry and general clerical work, some of which shall have involved the maintenance of student records and student data in a student information system; or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as work in settings that support linguistically and culturally diverse families.

Skill, Knowledge, and Abilities

Must be able to:
  • Enter and update data in a student information system
  • Operate standard office equipment including computer software
  • Prepare and maintain accurate records
  • Communicate effectively with linguistically and culturally diverse families

Must have knowledge of:
  • Pertinent codes, regulations & laws related to student enrollment, graduation, and transfers
  • Business telephone and customer service etiquette
  • Concepts of grammar and punctuation
  • Microsoft Office suite applications, including Microsoft Word and Excel

This job is distinguished from similar jobs by the following characteristics:

Dual language proficiency, preferably in English and Dari or Farsi, and experience working with linguistically and culturally diverse populations.

Essential Functions
  • Perform enrollment and withdrawal activities within the Student Information System (e.g. new and rollover students, in district/out of district transfers, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring compliance with financial, legal, state, or federal requirements.
  • Respond to a variety of inquiries from internal and external parties (e.g. staff, parents, students, public agencies, etc.) for the purpose of providing information, facilitating communication among parties, and/or providing direction.
  • Maintain a variety of files, documents, and student records (physical files and electronic files within the Student Information System) (e.g. permanent student records, cumulative folders for all students, grades, transcripts, address changes, etc.) for the purpose of meeting the school division's goal of accurate and timely student data within the student information system and student records.
  • Compile a variety of information/data (e.g. transcripts, health, IEP, attendance, discipline records, grades, test scores, recognition awards, etc.) for the purpose of providing appropriate information required by the site, school division, and/or state.
  • Process requests for transcripts, test score data, and education verification for the purpose of providing the requested information.
  • Assist with additional appropriate tasks as assigned for the purpose of ensuring an efficient and effective work environment.
  • Attend staff meetings and training sessions as assigned for the purpose of conveying and/or receiving information required to perform functions.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Career Ladder Advancement Criteria

To advance from Registrar I to Registrar II, an incumbent must have:
  • successfully completed two school years at the Registrar I level;
  • satisfactorily completed all training required for movement to the Registrar II level;
  • attained a level of proficiency in the office procedures, processes, and systems deemed necessary by the program manager, including the ability to develop and create requested reports accurately; and
  • demonstrated knowledge of school division rules and regulations.

  • Criminal Justice Fingerprint/Background Clearance.
  • Tuberculosis Skin Test.

Public Health Compliance
  • Proof of COVID vaccination. Exemptions for religious/medical will be reviewed.
  • Must follow safety and health protocols.


Primary Location:
Central Office
Salary Range:
$39,513.16 - $48,614.40 / Support SUP-18
Shift Type:

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