Press Assistant

Springfield, VA
Jun 03, 2022
Mar 05, 2023
Full Time
Job Description

Tasks Performed:
• Marks up press
• Spots plates and helps to re-plate
• Plate up press/Strip press
• Checks folios in paper
• Checks color dots to ensure correct order
• Marks up chalk board or posts lists of re-plates
• Helps pick up old plates and put in bin
• Re-marks up press for days runs when required
• Helps put sheet in if web breaks
• Completes pre-run check lists and pre-sets
• Helps check units and web catchers for wraps after web breaks
• Gather webs as they come over the former (roll up trash during make ready)
• Remove paper from end of the conveyor
• Loads rolls for run
• Makes paster pattern according to TWP specs on all rolls, checking all rolls for damage
• Fills out and maintains reel reports for entire run
• Checks all infeed rollers and reel tension on running rolls
• Correctly positions black tape on rolls and sets paste pattern position sensor knob (commutator) for each paster
• Make sure all rolls are in running position
• Make sure ARL is in auto position
• Set manual tension and floater roller
• Monitor floating rollers on reels
• Check and adjust cocking rollers as needed
• Helps others as needed

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