SoBran Inc.
Silver Spring, MD
May 18, 2022
May 29, 2022
Full Time
Job Description Requirements: Three years of experience working in a research pathology laboratory as a Necropsy Technician is desired. Must have experience in performing animal necropsies. Perform duties in a research laboratory environment in support of the WRAIR Animal Care Project. Must attain and maintain access to work place as set forth by WRAIR personnel, access and security requirements. Responsible for all functions required for the maintenance of a full service necropsy laboratory. Work is characterized by application of scientific methods, including problem exploration and definition, approach planning, experimental or empirical study, analysis of data, interpretation of results, and documentation of other reporting or findings. Maintain all contract requirements to include quality of work, occupational health (eg, vaccinations) and training. Knowledge of IBM-compatible computers, Microsoft Office software, and database systems is required. Description of Duties: Primary duties include the following: 1.Perform animal necropsy functions under the supervision of the Pathology Supervisor, as well as participate in the development and refinement of novel protocols in a wide variety of species 2.Participate in maintenance of the necropsy laboratory under the guidance of the Pathology Supervisor, including the maintenance of all equipment, sanitation and facilities within the research laboratory 3 Prepare and submit required written records and reports. Maintain accurate and detailed records utilizing current software applications (eg Microsoft Access, Outlook, Excel) 4.Assist in performing necropsies of animals in the WRAIR animal program 5.Read and understand technical requirements stated in approved Animal Study Protocols relative to pathology and necropsy procedures. 6.Assist investigators in necropsy / technical procedures 7. Assist with technical training for other WRAIR research staff 8.Report any abnormal conditions of the animal facilities or immediate vicinity to appropriate contract and/or government personnel 9. Perform other duties as assigned by the Pathology Supervisor and / or Project management Our commitment

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