Prog & Procurement Supp Spec - Dept of State (Fully Remote) with Security Clearance

Washington, DC
May 23, 2022
May 26, 2022
Full Time
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Personal Service Contracts (PSC) * Manage domestic and overseas Personal Service Contracts (PSC). * Analyze proposed INL projects and PSC programs requiring contract actions using information gathered from domestic and overseas colleagues and integrate the actions involving contractual obligations and responsibilities of both the USG and the contractor. * Assist INL sections overseas and domestic Program Offices to develop, implement, manage, and monitor PSC contract actions required to support the Bureau's programs, and identify optimal levels of contract-related resources to be applied. * Work closely with domestic/overseas senior project managers and Program Officers to assist them in fulfillment of the PSC contract requirements and policy and establish guidelines to ensure each individual PSC contract is monitored and consistent with the Bureau's goals. * Serve as a technical expert and advisor on specific PSC contracts, ensuring Program Offices have complete and accurate statements of work, adequacy of the technical supporting information, and a developed plan for expending the program and/or division's financial resources. * Review PSC contract actions, ensuring these programs and the division conforms to INL governing regulations, policies, and procedures. * Provide effective guidance in the implementation of the PSC contract management program for the Bureau's multi-billion-dollar contracts that support INL's existing and new post conflict-related programs. This includes primary INL support contractors and any contractors working for INL in country as a result of a Bilateral Letter of Agreement between the USG and the recognized in country government. * Establish systematic methods of PSC program execution, evaluation, or advocacy. * Make recommendations on and coordinates the transfer of funding as appropriate; prepare justification memoranda for review and approval by the Division Chief or other senior managers. * Evaluate program and monitoring effectiveness in relation to the funding expended. * Ensure PSC contract action implementation; monitor and evaluate the programs' effectiveness by tracking and facilitating the procurement solicitation and award process; make recommendations on revising criteria with assistance from the Team Lead. * Review contractors' responsibility and financial submissions to INL and make recommendations on the allocation of costs claimed under cost contracts. * Provide briefings and training on the PSC hiring process to senior managers, key Bureau staff, and counterparts/experts in other offices within the Department and other agencies, as directed by the INL Team Lead and Division Chief. * Work closely with the Contracting Officer to ensure that technical and support matters are coordinated between the Government and the contractor, that contract provisions regarding contractor operations are enforced, and that the Contracting Officer and contractor are notified of deficiencies. * Assist the PSC with the human resource steps required to complete the PSC process and start their position. IAA Program Analysis / Case Management * Analyze implementation agreements for accuracy and coordination between the work not plan and budget justification. * Direct information within the Implementing Agreement Unit's Outlook and SharePoint accounts by directing questions, clearances, and casework to the appropriate Program Officer and/or Clearance Analyst. * Aid and provide guidance to Program Offices during the intake/drafting process for the INL implementing agreements (Foreign Assistance Act IAAs and Circular-175 LOAs) to ensure document registration compliance. * Prepare, edit, synchronize, and route for clearance implementing agreements and their related documents (project plans and budgets) to ensure that documents adhere to INL standard operating procedures (SOPs) and templates. * Ensure the implementing agreements adhere to Department of State financial, acquisition, legal, and records management policies and procedures. * Screen each agreement's budget plan to ensure compliance with published allowances (geographic and positional), memoranda of understanding, and Bureau guidance and/or templates to include disclosure, transparency, and budget descriptions - offering recommendations and providing edit/suggestions as appropriate. * Ensure internal management controls for proper obligation of funds by conducting quality control review of fiscal and accounting data and obtaining clearance from appropriate budget analysts. * Ensure documents are routed, approved, signed, and archived fully according to INL's SOPs and data conventions. * Analyze the assisted Program Office's training needs with implementing agreements; identify and make recommendations for areas that need improvement and make recommendations for local, Bureau, and regional training to INL/EX/GAPP management. * Aid in the delivery of training, both domestically and overseas, based on appropriate training materials to entities within the Bureau which include participants that are DC based INL Program Officers, Foreign Service Officers, PSCs, and partner agency personnel. * Aid in coordinating, developing, and presenting domestic and overseas INL Management Training Workshops to meet the specific needs of INL Program Offices. * Assist INL/EX/GAPP management in analyzing and improving training and knowledge management processes and procedures. * Aid INL/EX/GAPP management in the formation, development, and refinement of the INL document and agreement processing systems; provide feedback to management on best practices for data input and document standardization, organization, and archiving; identify patterns of problems in submissions that should be addressed by management. * Aid in coordinating the interpretation and adaptation of available guidelines/SOPs to specific work-related issues; aid in analyzing the issues (eg, workflow, delegations of authority, or regulatory compliance) and make recommendations for changes and improvements. * Provide subject matter expertise during the development of standard operating procedures for areas identified as a potential risk or vulnerability to the Bureau's management. * Control structure, particularly about but not limited to, implementing agreements, procurement, evaluation, and program management. * Assist subject matter experts with the development of training modules for INL sponsored training workshops and distance learning courses based on policies and procedures. Outreach and Customer Service * Respond in a timely manner to requests for information. * Establish relationships through excellent customer service skills, project management knowledge, and a related understanding of the Program Office needs and mandates. * Work closely with INL Program Office staff and managers, as well as the stakeholders at US embassies overseas and other US federal agencies to provide support on training initiatives. * Interact positively and work cooperatively with team members and points of contact to accomplish assigned work in a timely and efficient manner. Additional Duties * Take proactive measures and/or make recommendations to improve the working environment and build teamwork. * Seek to accomplish tasks in a manner to reduce the burden on senior management. * Comply with Bureau conventions to protect organizational integrity and prevent unauthorized use or misappropriation of all classified and sensitive but unclassified (SBU) material and equipment in assigned areas. * Comply with security reporting violations/problems to appropriate authority. * Provide guidance and advocate INL policies and positions in close coordination with INL leadership. * Prepare and present information for senior level briefings, develop and interpret policies and guidelines, defend recommendations, and resolve problems. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS * US Citizen * A Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. * A minimum of ten (10) years' experience in relevant field. * Demonstrated knowledge of Federal regulations in regard to area of specific need. * Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite. * Demonstrated experience facilitating organizational change. PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS * Familiarity with Department of State (DOS) Standardized document format, and DOS systems (eg, eCountry Clearance, ILMS-Ariba, GFMS-Momentum and RFMS- Momentum). * Demonstrated knowledge of the Department of State Standardized Regulation (DSSR) and Federal Travel Regulations (FTR). * Demonstrated experience working with DOS stakeholders and familiarity with the Bureau of International Narcotics & Law Enforcement Affairs. * Demonstrated ability to interact effectively with individuals at all levels, strong interpersonal and customer service skills. * Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. * Strong multi-tasking and organizational skills. * Knowledge of contracting procedures, types, and methods, including formal advertising, negotiation, fixed-price, cost contracting, and use of special provisions and incentives. * Knowledge of cost and price procedures and techniques to evaluate bids or offers and responsibility of contractors on the basis of competition, historical costs, reports from auditors or technical specialists, contractor cost breakdowns regarding labor, materials, overhead, and profit, or other evaluation criteria and selection processes where the information is usually available. POSITION LOCATION: The physical work location is the INL office at State Annex 1, Columbia Plaza, 2401 E TELEWORK This is a full-time telework position (within the contiguous United States). The physical work location will be at the professional services employee's current home location. At least two (02) business days each QUARTER, the Specialist may need to commute to INL/Program Office's physical work location at the SA-1, 2401 E St. NW, Washington, DC 20037. Reimbursement can

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