Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Specialist

Washington, D.C
May 24, 2022
May 25, 2022
Full Time

Workplaces and work operations to be inspected include: warehouses, workshops, storage facilities, office spaces, electrical and mechanical spaces, landscaping, equipment operations, high voltage equipment maintenance, permit required confined space entry and more. Assignment of work is based on qualifications and priorities set by the Office of Congressional Workplace Rights. The OSH Specialist will work with a team of OSH Specialists in the Office of the General Counsel.

  • Conduct in-person inspections of approximately 78 facilities and complex work operations over an area of 18 million square feet, and make assessments to identify OSH hazards;
  • Identify violations of OSH standards and violations of the General Duty clause of the OSH Act of 1970;
  • Investigate unsafe working conditions that could lead to injuries or illnesses, and recommend findings;
  • Make recommendations to employing organizations for developing plans and programs for implementing corrective actions when applicable;
  • Recommend measures for controlling, abating, and reducing risk for identified hazards when applicable;
  • Report inspection findings using the Office of Congressional Workplace Rights data base and identify corrective actions for abating hazards;
  • Interview employees and collect measurements necessary to quantify employee exposures;
  • Document and track abatement of hazards by employing offices;
  • Assist in the provision of technical assistance by analyzing work environments and recommending program designs to control, eliminate, and prevent illness or injury caused by chemical, physical, radiological, and biological agents, or ergonomic factors;
  • Assist with conducting investigations for requested inspections and in the preparation of reports of the findings and risk factors;
  • Assist in collecting data used in the preparation of biennial reports to Congress on the status of the OSH program;
  • Assist with other tasks as assigned to support the occupational safety and health program effort; conduct ADA inspections, identify barriers to access for people with disabilities, and enter barriers into the Office of Congressional Workplace Rights database.


Conditions of Employment

A security clearance is a requirement of this position. Failure to obtain and maintain the required level of clearance may result in the withdrawal of a position offer or removal. If you possess a security clearance, please indicate the level and termination date in your resume.


  • Demonstrated experience in enforcing OSH standards, related codes, regulations, and other consensus standards relating to workplace safety and health.
  • Knowledge of OSH principles, methods, and techniques.
  • Knowledge of life safety and NFPA codes and standards.
  • Demonstrated experience in conducting OSH investigations and inspections.
  • Ability to use a computer to enter data, conduct research, and compose reports.
  • Skill in organizing and drafting reports of a technical and/or enforcement nature in the OSH area.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Experience in the area of industrial hygiene is preferred but not required. Such experience could include development, maintenance, and review of hygiene programs; investigating the adequacy of conditions that could affect employee health, comfort, and performance, such as ventilation, lighting, ergonomics, etc.; or experience collecting samples of potentially toxic materials for analysis.


Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution is strongly preferred.

Formal training from certified institutions in the field of occupational safety and health is required.

Additional information

The successful candidate may participate in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program, with costs shared with your employer. Life Insurance coverage is also provided. New federal government employees are automatically covered by the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). If you are transferring from another agency and covered by CSRS, you may continue in this program. You will earn annual vacation leave and sick leave. You will be paid for federal holidays that fall within your regularly scheduled tour of duty. Tele-work/telecommuting and alternative work schedule options may be made available. If you use public transportation, part of your transportation cost may be subsidized. You can use Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts for expenses that are tax-deductible, but not reimbursed by any other source, including out-of-pocket expenses and non-covered benefits under their FEHB plans.