Washington D.C.
May 16, 2022
Jun 15, 2022
Analyst, Management
Full Time



This is professional work within the Office of Security Emergency Preparedness Continuity (OSEPC). The incumbent is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and prioritizing critical time-sensitive data for the purpose of situational awareness and decision-making. Work requires close coordination within the Senate and with other Federal, State and Local Command, Operations, and Fusion centers resulting in the establishment and maintenance of a common operating picture for the Senate, its Members, facilities and activities. Work involves leveraging open source, media, and official government information to develop situation reports and briefings for Senior Staff and Officers; supporting communications during Test, Training, and Exercise activities; and providing initial support to Members and staff seeking assistance with safety and security related programs. Work is performed under the direction of the Manager, Senate Operations Center.


(This list is not absolute or restrictive, but indicates approximate duties and responsibilities which may be redefined pursuant to operational needs.)

● Assists the Watch Officer in coordinating with other Command, Operations, and Fusion centers and designated stakeholders for clarifying information on potential incidents impacting Senate Members, staff, facilities or operations.

● Assists the Watch Officer in the collection and analysis of information from a variety of sources, information feeds and contacts to facilitate the development of Senate-specific situational awareness.

● Assists the Watch Officer with the development of reports, briefing materials or other documentation. 

● Supports the Watch Officer in developing and maintaining situational awareness of planned events and incidents that may affect the Senate.

● Undertakes research and planning projects, which address SOC mission requirements under the direction of the SOC Manager.

● Provides support for Test, Training, and Exercises as well as requests for assistance with OSEPC programs.

● Provides customer support for Senate offices on OSEPC programs.

● Develops and delivers training on SOC operations for non-Watch Desk individuals that during times of crisis or events of significance who may be called upon to support SOC operations.

● Supports the operations of the SOC and other programs during daily operations, planned events, and incidents.

● Supports the activation of designated programs due to an emergency, at the direction of the SOC Manager or Director.

● Supports the OSEPC Planning Section Chief or designated individual with development of Incident Action Plans, Briefings and After-Action Report when applicable.

● Provides augmentation staffing for Watch Desk when coverage is insufficient.

● Maintains archives and records using appropriate platforms in coordination with Information Management Specialists.

● Provides emergency/crisis support and is subject to recall to the Senate Operations Center primary location, an alternate Continuity of Government facility, or remote work site during emergency operational support conditions, training, or exercises. Such incidents may require the employee to work extended hours and days outside the normal work schedule.


Work is performed in an office environment on-site and is essentially sedentary, with occasional walking, standing, bending, safely carrying items less than 25 pounds such as books, papers, files, etc., and may require extended periods of computer use. Work exposes the incumbent to cool office conditions with considerable noise. Incidents may require the employee to work extended hours and days outside the normal work schedule.


● Work requires a Bachelor’s Degree in criminal justice, homeland security, emergency management, or a related field, and two to four years in operations and planning; or any equivalent combination of education and experience that provides the following skills, knowledge, and abilities:

● Ability to remain calm and provide accurate details during stressful situations.

● Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

● Ability to gather and analyze data.

● Ability to effectively interact with staff members representing all levels of the organization.

● Ability to accurately prepare and process a variety of reports, records, and documents.

● Ability to conduct professional presentations and present training to a variety of participants.

● Ability to develop instructional material and select most effective instructional method.


• Position requires the ability to obtain and maintain a Top-Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) security clearance.

• Must possess or be able to obtain a valid driver’s license.

• Ability to obtain Incident Command Systems (ICS)-100, 200, 700, and 800 certification.

• This position requires the incumbent to be available at all times for sudden recall in response to emergency events affecting the Senate campus/community, which may include after-hour or weekend work, and to potentially deploy to alternate sites in support of the Senate’s contingency operations.


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