Biological Scientist

Axle Informatics
Rockville, MD
May 06, 2022
May 15, 2022
Accountant, IT
Full Time
Overview: The contractor will collaborate with a multidisciplinary team in an interactive laboratory environment, contributing to collaborative projects with the goal of developing probes and drug lead candidates against novel targets aligned with the Antiviral Program for Pandemics (APP). They will apply cutting-edge cell biology and bioassay technologies for the development of screening assays and will be involved in all aspects of the implementation of small molecule screening programs including assay design, assay development and optimization, pilot and high-throughput screening, data analysis, and follow-up studies in support of structureactivity relationship and mechanism of action studies for the development of novel pharmacological probes. Responsibilities: Provides technical experience needed to assist in studying the basic principles of plant and animal lifeWork with the Antiviral Program for Pandemics to identify and develop antivirals 1Transfer, adopt, optimize and execute biochemical and cell-based assays for small molecule high-throughputscreening Work with data scientists to analyze, communicate and share outcomes of HTS screening 2Develop research plans for new projects, including strategies for primary and secondary screens and advancedcharacterizationDevelop and optimize biochemical and protein-based assays for automated robotic screening in 1536-well or 384-wells formatOptimize and execute cell-based assays to support the testing of biochemicaltarget-based inhibitorsAssists with performing basic laboratory experiments and proceduresTissue culture, passaging, and plating, and cell line engineering to create cell-based reporter assays 3Co-author Research Collaborative Agreement write-ups and proposals for new collaborations between NCATS andacademic institutions or private industry Mentor and train trainees and staff on techniquesAnalyze and organize experimental results using data analysisvisualization softwareEvaluate new technologies and instruments resulting in proposals for new screening strategies and novel assayformatsSearch existing literature; propose, design and test alternative assays for difficult screening targetsPrepares, organizes and maintains various lab samples, supplies, and equipmentConfirm assay results and determine EC50specificity for primary active samples; develop secondary assays for followup; communicate results to facilitate small molecule probe development 4Operate liquid dispensing systems Aurora FRD, Kalypsys dispenser and pintool, CyBio CybiWell, PE Evolution P3and multimodal detectorsplate readers Tecan Safire, PE ViewLux, PE EnVisionAnalyze the experimental results and organize them into tables and figures with Prism Plot or other dataanalysisvisualization softwareMaintain and update laboratory notebooks and equipmentWrite technical reports and prepare manuscripts; write experiment reports and prepare manuscripts for publication incollaboration with other investigatorsLearns new laboratory techniques and proceduresPrepare oral presentations and posters for internal and external groupsconferencesPropose, design and test assays to allow for a secondary profiling and utilization of probe candidates at DPIIdentify potential collaborators, both academic or industry; propose and investigate new target projects for initiationbased on novelty and relevance to human health 5Provide timely updates to assay providers; send summaries by email; conduct periodical teleconferences to discussissues and coordinate actions Work products and documents related to developing research plans and Research Collaborative Agreements; work withstaff on grant applications co-authored with NCATS col- leagues and external collaborators - Ad-Hoc Work products anddocuments related to identifying principal investigators and/or institutes as new potential collaborators; support thedevelopment and operation of a Project Onboarding Committee to review new screening project proposals - Ad-Hoc Workproducts and documents related to developing and optimizing biochemical and cell-based assays for fully automated roboticscreening in 1536-well format; analyze experimental results; organize findings into tables and figures. - Ad-Hoc Workproducts and documents related to evaluating new techniques and instruments; search literature; propose, design, and testalternative assays; confirm assay results; determine EC50/specificity; develop secondary assays - Ad-Hoc Work productsand documents related to operating liquid dispensing systems; test assays for utilization of probe candidates; propose andinvestigate new target projects - Ad-Hoc Work products and documents related to maintain and update notebooks andequipment; prepare technical reports, summaries, and manuscripts; prepare oral presentations and posters. - Ad-Hoc Qualifications: Min EducationMaster's Certifications & Licenses- Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, or arelated discipline.Field of Study- Biology - Molecular BiologySoftware- Microsoft OfficeSkills- Strong communication skills, both oral and written. - Excellentanalytical, organizational and time management skills. - Ability tomulti-task, set priorities and pay close attention to detail. - Skill atmaintaining accurate and detailed records of laboratory experiments.

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