Registered Nurse

My Own Place Inc.
Hyattsville, Maryland
Low to 80k range
May 05, 2022
Jun 09, 2022
Human Resources
Full Time


Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Provides direct nursing care including first aid treatment and medication administration.
  2. Develops Health Management Care Plans for each person supported and modifies plan as needed.
  3. Completes initial, monthly, and annual nursing reviews for each individual.
  4. Coordinates with team monthly to ensure medical appointments/labs are made and follow-up appointments are performed per doctor's orders. Completes medical consult form prior to the medical appointment ensuring accuracy of medications and reasons for the visit. Reviews appointment results within forty eight hours of scheduled visit and takes necessary action to ensure recommendations are addressed.
  5. Supervises certified medication technicians/trained medication employees ensuring proper                   medication administration procedures are followed. Reviews MAR’s and medications ensuring accuracy and delivers each to the persons home ensuring medications are safely secured.
  6. Reviews laboratory results and informs physician immediately of any abnormalities.
  7. Notifies physician of all changes, admissions and discharges and ensures that the physician completes a follow-up assessment.
  8. Reviews physicians orders at least every ninety days, and forwards to day programs and to individual or assigned staff.  Makes necessary corrections as changes occur.
  9. Coordinates the health care consent process as necessary.
  10. Meets with the QDDP and Program Manager at least monthly to review medical records and ISP recommendations. 
  11. Informs the Director of any changes in an individual’s condition.  Provides the Director with a summary of monthly meeting results including medical concerns.
  1. Completes annual self medication assessments and develops formal programs including medication data sheets as required. Conducts quarterly visits to all homes to observe self-medication programs and documents observations in log notes.  (Primary physician to sign approval form every year). Serves as a medical resource for staff.  Attends monthly psychotropic medication reviews including TDK screening every six months. Provides in-service training for new staff on a regular basis as well as other clinical/health-related in-service training as required. Returns all non-schedule II medication to designated pharmacy as needed. Serves as a member of the medical advisory committee. Monitors and maintains adequate inventory of medical supplies in each residence. Reviews and documents findings including actions taken for all medically related incidents for persons supported. Ensures bi-annual re-certification by Primary Care Physician for individuals residing in ICF/MR’s. Performs other nursing duties as assigned.

Internal Relationships:

Has regular contact with individuals served, nursing staff and agency staff.  

External Relationships:

Has ongoing contact with physicians, DDA nursing staff and day placement providers.  Has frequent contact with pharmacies and medical supply vendors.


The Incumbent must be a graduate of an Accredited Nursing Program and maintain current Board of Nurses licensure in District of Columbia and Maryland.  Must be certified in CPR. Must be a certified Medication Administration trainer or able to successfully complete the course within initial ninety days of employment. Must have a general knowledge of specific needs of persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities  and must be familiar with Medicaid, District of Columbia and Maryland regulations.

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