Senior UX Content Designer (Remote)

Washington, DC
May 20, 2022
Jun 07, 2022
Full Time
Job Description

The Washington Post is seeking a Senior UX Content Designer (UX Writer) to join its Product Design team. This position is eligible for US-based remote status. This team of UX, UI and visual designers leads design strategy and visual approaches for The Post's suite of digital products, including, our native iOS and Android apps, and internal tools.

As a UX Content Designer on the Product Design team, you will focus on shaping the experiences that users have with our products through language. You will define and implement a consistent and distinctive brand voice for The Washington Post throughout our product ecosystem and ensure that the product and copy work harmoniously together. A passion for writing and advocating for the importance of language in designs is a must.

You'll be part of a team of more than twenty designers, including a growing content design practice, guiding and advising team members on content design and UX writing techniques and best practices. You'll collaborate with designers, product managers and internal stakeholders across multiple teams to ensure that the language throughout our product ecosystem resonates with people and drives results.

Here's what you'll be working on:
  • Collaboratively define a cohesive content strategy for UX language across our product ecosystem, and ensure seamless product narratives. Document your strategies with guidelines, and establish best practices and principles to help educate and empower our team.
  • Use your writing, editing, and content design skills to create experience flows, in-product messaging, interface language, navigational language, promos, error messages and other touch points of our end-to-end product experience.
  • Write, edit, test, analyze, and improve language to make our products easy and intuitive to use.
  • Use Figma and other design tools to co-create with product designers. Define simple, straightforward experiences by leveraging your expertise in writing, user experience design, design thinking and product strategy.
  • Perform user research, and leverage learnings, to find the words that both resonate with people and drive results for The Washington Post.
  • Combine empathy, logic, user feedback and data to create content frameworks and taxonomies that inform writing choices.
  • Build internal resources, guidelines and frameworks, and provide mentorship to develop skills of product designers on the team.
  • Evaluate our products through effective human-centered design research methods. Ensure our products and experiences speak the language of our readers, with a focus on clarity, quality, accessibility, inclusivity, and relevance.
  • Collaborate with peers across the organization, including engineering, design, research, marketing and analytics, to guide products in all phases of the product lifecycle - from concept to launch. Advocate for strategic designs goals and collaboratively drive meaningful results.

This ideal candidate for this role:
  • Is passionate about writing and championing for the importance of language in designs
  • Wants to be hands-on with content design, UX writing, Information Architecture, and content design strategy
  • Feels passionately that the right language can make or break the user experience
  • Understands how to use words to inspire trust and action, and is passionate about using the right language that both resonate with people and drives results
  • Is deeply knowledgeable about how to connect with audiences through language and consistent brand voice, and how to adjust tone as appropriate for different contexts
  • Has expertise in using human-centered design techniques to inform writing choices, ensuring that language resonates with our audiences
  • Is passionate about understanding the "why" behind how language impacts human behaviors
  • Loves to collaborate closely with colleagues in research, product management and engineering
  • Is organized, driven and excited about creating news products of the future
  • Has the ability to work on multiple projects and deliver refined impactful content in a short time
  • Can clearly and passionately articulate the thinking and data behind decisions
  • Can simplify and communicate complex ideas succinctly and still make things crystal clear for broad audiences
  • Is conscientious of regional and localized language needs as we scale to international audiences
  • Is energized by problem-solving and loves to ideate solutions for difficult problems
  • Enjoys gathering user and project requirements to create impactful and clear language for internal and external user-facing products
  • Can seamlessly balance focus on small tactical details and big picture strategy
  • Takes pride in owning their work and driving results on key business initiatives
  • Loves to write with a major focus on end-to-end user experience, and understanding user-driven needs

You have:
  • A portfolio that shows a strong body of work of UX content design / UX writing
  • 4+ years of experience writing and designing content for digital experiences
  • Extensive experience designing content for interactive applications - a plus if you‘ve worked on customer engagement, payment, and/or marketing experiences.
  • UX writing and design thinking experience, as well as strong communication and presentation skills
  • An established track record of producing business results through language
  • Deep knowledge of the UX content design / UX writing techniques including content audits, establishing a voice and tone guide, and user research techniques to evaluate language choices
  • A collaborative spirit and a proven ability to work well with others, building strong partnerships across teams
  • Expertise on best practices for establishing and maintaining a unified brand voice & tone across a multi-platform product ecosystem
  • Comfort with design and prototyping software like Figma or similar
  • Strong presentation and writing skills
  • Experience with or strong interest in digital media and news


The Post strives to provide its readers with high-quality, trustworthy news and information while constantly innovating. That mission is best served by a diverse, multi-generational workforce with varied life experiences and perspectives. All cultures and backgrounds are welcomed.

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