Service Desk Coordinator

Alexandria, Virginia
Apr 21, 2022
Dec 09, 2022
Full Time
Job Description

The Service Desk Coordinator maintains computer and telephone network equipment in operating condition; meets the technology needs of the district; installs and maintains operating systems and application software; instructs staff in the use and operation of the various software programs; documents information and resolves immediate operational and/or safety concerns.


Education: Bachelor's degree in job related area.

Certificates & Licenses: None required.

Experience: Job related experience with increasing levels of responsibility is required.

Key Competencies: Proficient in business telephone etiquette; computer operating systems; and pertinent software applications.

Essentials Functions
  • Administers systems and servers related to district LAN and WAN (e.g. email system, accounts, print queue, workstation ID, IP assignments, computer labs, classroom computers, etc.) to ensure availability of services to authorized users.
  • Assesses computer, network or software malfunctions (e.g. application software, computer equipment, network software, etc.) to effect repair and return to operation.
  • Coordinates with other staff or vendors to provide Help Desk dispatch, troubleshooting, escalating issues to appropriate personnel for resolution and/or assigning practices for repairs.
  • Inspects computer and network equipment requiring specialized computer repair and trouble shooting skills to identify and verify repair needs.
  • Installs software products and various peripheral equipment on computers (e.g. application software, scanners, external drives, additional random access memory) to upgrade and improve school district computers.
  • Maintains manual and electronic documents, files and records to document activities and/or provide an up-to date reference and audit trail.
  • Prepares written materials (e.g. reports, memos, letters, etc.) to document activities, provide written reference and/or convey information.
  • Procures equipment, supplies and materials to maintain availability of required items and complete jobs efficiently.
  • Repairs computers, peripherals, network equipment and software, requiring specialized computer and electronics repair skills to maintain computer and network equipment in a safe and functional operating condition.
  • Responds to inquiries to provide information and/or refer to appropriate personnel.
  • Trains selected personnel to ensure their ability to use new and/or existing software.
  • Attends meetings as assigned to convey and/or receive information required to perform functions.
  • Assists other personnel as may be required to ensure an efficient and effective work environment.

  • Criminal Justice Fingerprint/CPS Background Clearance.
  • Tuberculosis Skin Test.

Public Health Compliance
  • Proof of COVID vaccination. Exemptions for religious/medical will be reviewed.
  • Must follow safety and health protocols.


Primary Location:
Central Office
Salary Range:
$67,622.40 - $83,136.00 / Support SUP-35
Shift Type:

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