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About NCB

National Cooperative Bank, N.A. (NCB) provides comprehensive banking services to cooperatives and other member-owned organizations throughout the country. What makes NCB unique is that the bank was created to address the financial needs of an underserved market niche – people who join together cooperatively to meet personal, social or business needs, especially in low-income communities.


Our Mission


NCB’s mission is to help cooperatives grow by supporting and being an advocate for America’s cooperatives and their members, placing special emphasis on serving the needs of communities that are economically challenged.  


Our Customers


NCB’s customers are cooperatives, such as grocery wholesaler co-ops, purchasing co-ops or housing co-ops. Other customers share in the spirit of cooperation, driven by democratic organizing principles. They may be Alaska and Native American enterprises, which by their very nature, are member-run and member-owned.  Others may be community health centers or charter schools, driven entirely by community needs. What they all have in common is a single fundamental principle – they have joined together cooperatively to meet personal, social, and/or business needs. 


In accordance with our congressional charter, NCB has a significant commitment to community revitalization. The employment of the cooperative model in the development of business and affordable housing is critical for low-income Americans, and strengthens communities in both urban and rural areas. 




Our Impact  


By dramatically leveraging our appropriation from Congress, we have succeeded in growing the original $184 million capitalization to more than $4 billion in specialized lending, investments, and technical assistance to underserved communities across the country. 


Our Work Environment 


As a boutique bank with a special commitment to community, NCB attracts a team of professionals interested in “more than just a banking career.”  Our Human Resources department manages all employment inquiries.


Our Cooperative Heritage 


Cooperatives are based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy and member-equity.   In the tradition of our founders, cooperatives believe in conducting business in a responsible, ethical, and honest manner with the foremost commitment to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve.


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