Mission Accelerated. Two words that serve as our tagline but broken down, represent the rich history of our company and the path we’ve charted to be a premiere partner to the Federal Government. Mission. IntelliBridge has been and always will be about our customers’ missions. Our understanding of the mission combined with our ability to deliver technical solutions, produce actionable intelligence, and enable critical mission programs have significantly contributed to our country’s national security. Accelerated. From technology advancements to the speed at which threats evolve, solutions and services must be delivered at increased speed and scale. IntelliBridge’s Mission Innovation Lab fuels Government modernization efforts and our Intel Analyst Forum provides a place for analysts to share best practices and evolve their capabilities to stay ahead of the threat. 

IntelliBridge was founded in 2006 as a Woman-Owned Small Business initially focused on providing help desk services and training and then expanded to supporting a broad range of IT services. Since that time, our capabilities have expanded to IT modernization and transformation solutions including Cloud, DevSecOps, Data, SaaS, Agile, and Cybersecurity services. We provide robust intelligence analysis capabilities including open source, counterterrorism, counterintelligence, criminal, Blockchain, financial, dark web, and cyber security. Our mission support services assist organizational leaders in linking their mission to their capabilities and aligning those capabilities with funding and focus to optimize resources. We are a company comprised of mission-focused individuals who work together to achieve superior results. IntelliBridge operates with the maturity and capabilities of a large business, while keeping the customer-focus and corporate culture of a small business.

Accelerate your Career! IntelliBridge is looking for like-minded professionals with a passion for the mission. We have mission-critical positions spanning our entire technology, intelligence, and mission support portfolios. Apply now and start the next chapter of your career at IntelliBridge!




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