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About Kingsbury Wellness & Learning Group

Our mission is to remove barriers and unlock potential for families with learning and behavior challenges. There are numerous families in our community suffering from educational neglect, families who, with access to proper support, would excel and thrive at school, work, and home. A disproportionate amount of the publicly funded special education support services - services designed to keep kids from falling through the cracks - are actually directed toward families of means. This is largely due to the fact that these families can afford high quality psychological testing and therapy services, and they have the resources to advocate for their children. 

The Kingsbury Wellness & Learning Group is the place where education and mental health meet, and our vision is that all families have access not just to our services, but to what those services unlock. This principle of accessibility is so crucial to our existence as a nonprofit that we have operationalized it. Our services create accessibility by being: 1) of Exceptional quality, 2) Affordable for all, and 3) Located where families need it. We support families throughout the process of identifying their children’s needs, gaining diagnostic clarity, and securing ongoing intervention with regard to learning and mental health.  

We have a broad range of therapeutic and educational expertise that allows us to serve children and adults with complex needs. Our psychologists have been serving families throughout the Mid-Atlantic region for decades, and we continue to provide assessments, therapy, and consultation of the highest quality. We are currently offering virtual therapy, and our comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations are a hybrid of virtual and in-person testing. 


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