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About Rochambeau, The French International School

Welcome to Rochambeau!

Rochambeau is a non-profit school, approved by the Ministry of Education and operating within the convention with the Agency for French Teaching Abroad (AEFE). As a member of this unique network ofnearly 500 schools in 135 countries worldwide, we offer the best of an education system acclaimed for the breadth of its program and its teaching of skill, providing its students with critical thinking, discipline and rigor.

Rochambeau is the only school in Washington DC and its surroundings to provide an education based on a unique combination of the French programs and a high quality English program. It welcomes students from the Toute Petite Section preschool class (2yr old) to senior year, representing over 60 different nationalities, with a varied cultural, socioeconomic and linguistic backgrounds.

This extraordinary diversity is an asset that we are quite proud of! Our students understand from an earlyage that differences and otherness are the richness of the world and as many great sources of discovery and personal enrichment.

At the crossroads of French and American cultures, we further increased the value of our academic andeducational approach by integrating the best of the American approach in terms of self development,autonomy and responsibility building, self-trust and creativity.

By giving our students the access to a Maryland High School Diploma as well as a French Baccalaureat,this unique education opens for them the doors of Francophone and Anglophone colleges and universities around the world.

That is the Rochambeau advantage !


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