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About National Cooperative Bank

National Cooperative Bank is dedicated to helping cooperative endeavors throughout the United States adapt, grow and compete in an ever-changing environment. Whether our customers are small or large, urban or rural, NCB crafts creative financial solutions that meet their needs.

NCB was chartered by Congress in 1978 to address the financial requirements of an underserved niche cooperatives businesses that are founded, capitalized, operated and owned by the people they serve. In 1981, NCB was privatized as a cooperative financial institution that is today owned by 1,750 customers.

The Bank serves organizations that are strictly defined as cooperatives, and those entities that share similar organizing principles, as well as their members -- both consumer and business.

Since inception, NCB has originated $6 billion in transactions. Loans sold and serviced for the secondary market now exceed $2 billion. Combined with balance sheet assets, NCB manages more than $3 billion of assets.Medical



Life Insurance

Accidental Death

Flexible Spending Accounts

Dependent Care Accounts

Short Term Disability

Long Term Disability

Years of Service for Vesting Percentage

Less than 3 0 %
3 50 %
4 70 %
5 85 %
6 100 %

Retirement Plan
To join the plan you must be 21 years old and complete one year of employment with NCB.

After one year of service NCB will contribute approximately 6% of employees salaries to investment funds of your choice. You are eligible to participate the first of the quarter following your first anniversary date.

Contributions are vested in accordance with the following schedule:

Years of Service for Vesting Percentage

Less than 3 0 %
3 50 %
4 70 %
5 85 %
6 100 %

Educational Assistance

Vacation Leave
Vacation is available to employees after completing six months of service.

0-59 months 15 days vacation
60-119 months 20 days vacation
120 months+ 25 days vacation

Holiday Leave
NCB observes 11 fixed holidays.

Sick Leave
All full-time employees are entitled to ten days sick leave annually. Employees hired after July 1 will receive five sick days in the calendar year in which they were hired.

Transportation Subsidy

Blood Donor Program

Company Paid Membership

Service Awards

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