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Alertus Technologies has nearly a decade of experience specializing in implementing facility alerting systems for campuses and large area, high occupancy facilities. Our entire company is devoted to the mission of helping large institutions be prepared for any emergency, and Alertus is recognized worldwide for its unparalleled reliability, affordability, and interoperability.  Our clients can attest to the criticality and dependability of Alertus because they have activated the system in real emergencies and threats to save lives, protect property, and maintain continuity of operations.

The Alertus in-building emergency notification solution consists of an array of highly affordable products including wall-mounted Alert Beacons (flash sounder with digital message display), text-to-speech interfaces for PA and fire systems, computer desktop alerting, digital signage override, cable television override, LED displays, and IP phone multicast notification.  The Alertus system is interoperable with all major personal recipient and wide area alert systems for one-step unified activation.  Alertus Technologies’ unique innovations are protected by U.S. patents and patents pending.


Alertus Technologies was founded out of the University of Maryland after a tornado ripped through the campus in 2001 killing two students without warning.  The company’s initial development activities and operations were financed by grants from the State of Maryland.  Since then, thousands of Alert Beacons have been deployed at hundreds of universitiesmilitary basesgovernment facilitiesschool districtsboarding schoolsmedical centers, and other large area high occupancy facilities.  Alertus products are represented and sold by industry leading firms such as Honeywell Fire Systems and Weatherbug.


Alertus Technologies' headquarters is in the Washington, DC area, with clients throughout the world.


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