• Laura Dye, Having & Being a Mentor
    When you are amongst people that inspire you, you’ll give your best. When you give the gifts that are uniquely yours, people will recognize this and be more likely to offer support.
  • Education vs. Experience: What's Most Important to Employers
    When potential employers scan your resume, what are they really looking for? Find out whether education or experience actually wins them over.
  • Believe It or Not – 7 Reasons Employees Turn Down Raises and Promotions
    While we often think of raises and promotions as something to strive for at every opportunity, there are situations where employees find it prudent to turn down certain offers. But why?
  • 5 Things to Know Before Blowing the Whistle on Wrongdoing in the Workplace
    Blowing the whistle on corporate wrongdoing is not as glamorous as Hollywood would make it seem. In real life, it’s a scary and bureaucracy-filled proposition. What should you know before taking the leap?
  • What to Do If the One You Need to File a Complaint Against Is HR
    It’s never easy to file a grievance at work—but it’s especially tricky if you need to file a grievance against human resources. Find out how to protect yourself in this precarious position.
  • Saying No to Pushy Salespeople Can Help You Professionally
    I found myself getting annoyed by an extremely persistent salesperson last week. Their initial outreach made it seem like they weren’t selling anything, but after reading daily efforts to engage in a conversation, they went into a hard sell about their solution being the answer to all my problems...
  • Are Ethics Just for Suckers?
    If everyone is breaking the rules just a tiny bit, does it really matter? Yes, it really does, according to social scientists. Learn why ethics are an important consideration for every employee.
  • Should You Work Overtime as a Salaried Employee?
    Finding out your promotion means the end of overtime pay is a cruel lesson in U.S. employment law. Learn how employers differentiate between “exempt” and “nonexempt” employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act—and why exempt employees are expected to work enough hours to get the job done.
  • Adam’s Winding Path
    I was completely terrified leaving behind my successful marketing business to step into work in the sex & relationship industry at 39. Coming out as gay in the late nineties was nothing compared to the anxiety I had around starting a new business that talked about sex.
  • When is it OK to Add a Client or Colleague to Your LinkedIn Network?
    Social media has introduced a whole new way to get in touch with professional contacts. But there are still plenty of rules (spoken and unspoken) that need to be followed. Here are some tips to help you know when it’s OK to add someone on your LinkedIn network.
  • Delegation vs. Laziness: How to Tell the Difference
    Are you delegating tasks or just being lazy? Sometimes it’s hard for employees and coworkers to tell the difference. Read on for some key differences and tips to avoid confusion.
  • Jason Ortiz, Having & Being a Mentor
    When seeking my own mentors, I’ve sought out people who have had interesting career paths, I connect strongly with, and I admire. I should say - this has been me reaching out to leaders directly and not a match made through a formal mentorship program. Many times, they have been women, or gay, or...
  • 8 Ways to Deal with an Entitled Coworkers, Bosses, and Employees
    It seems like all offices have one—that particularly entitled coworker or boss who tends to think everything revolves around them. While it can be frustrating, there are ways to get through the day with your sanity intact.
  • How Often Should You Update Your Resume?
    Surprise! Resumes aren’t something to be updated when you’re searching for a new job. But how often should you really be revising it?
  • Mentor Me, Mentor You
    I want you to feel the appreciation of another who values your life experiences. More than that, the process of advising others is an opportunity to refine and reflect on what you know about yourself.
  • Using AI to Help Write Your Resume
    The AI tool ChatGPT is helping millions plan vacation and write their papers. But is it smart business to use ChatGPT to help write your resume? We take a look at the pros and cons.
  • Strategize for Success: The Best Times to Ask for a Raise
    While there’s no magic time to ask for a raise, there are better ones and worse ones. Take a look at these pointers in order to maximize your chance at hearing “yes.”
  • Audrey’s Winding Path
    The hardest thing for me to overcome in my professional career is that things are usually not “fair”. There will almost always be a situation where I think something isn’t fair, and a lot of times it’s not. I think growing up we’re so used to answering something right and being rewarded with a go...
  • Knowledge is Power: The Real Reasons Employers Don't Want You Discussing Your Salary
    Pretty much everyone has heard the horror stories of employers “banning” their employees from discussing individual salaries. But is that allowed? And what are these employers really afraid of?
  • Business Etiquette 101: 9 Essentials to Help You Succeed
    Good manners don’t equate to being stuffy and formal. Although business etiquette has evolved with new technologies and changing work environments, some advice never goes out of style. These nine essentials are timeless.