What to Wear to That Zoom Interview

It’s safe to say Zoom has become a way of life for many of us since the beginning of the pandemic. Whether it’s used in conferences, team meetings, or interviews, video chatting has basically become another essential workplace skill. And while some people have returned to the office, Zoom is still a popular choice for employers—especially when conducting interviews. But figuring out how to dress for an interview that only happens over Wi-Fi can be confusing. Read on for some style choices that can help make the most of your screen time.

What to wear to a zoomEvaluate your grooming routine

Listen, working from home for the past year and a half has wreaked havoc on pretty much everyone’s grooming habits. But that’s exactly why you need to take a good, hard look before your Zoom interview. Get that DIY haircut professionally taken care of or, at the very least, make sure it’s styled in a way that doesn’t look like you trimmed it in the kitchen at 2:00am. For those with beards, make sure it’s trimmed and neat. Wash your face, and, if you wear makeup, apply just a little extra in order to account for the less-than-crystal-clear connection.

Avoid clothing distractions

This includes anything you might unconsciously fidget with, such as scarves or straps; anything distracting to the interviewer, such as sparkles or unusual pins; or anything that could possibly make noise that muffles your voice, such as bangle bracelets or oversized earrings. Additionally, Career Tool Belt recommends holding off on wearing that funky top with the geometric designs. Solid colors or “controlled” patterns are better, since they don’t run the risk of distracting interviewers from what you’re saying.

Choose your colors wisely

Avoid white walls if you wear light colored clothing, since it can easily wash you out. On the other hand, don't wear all black against a white background either, since that tends to contribute to “floating head” syndrome. If you really want to tap into the psychology of color, stick to neutral colors (aka: black, white, gray, or beige). According to a Quantified Communications survey, those are the colors survey takers most associated with “authentic, trustworthy, and creative” people. What made people look the least like experts in their field? Bright colors and patterns.

Assess the company culture

Not all companies expect the same level of dress code. Show your potential employer you've done your research by…doing your research. Take time to look at the company website and figure out to the best of your ability what the normal dress code in the office would be. Then kick it up just a notch since you want to dress to impress for your interviewer. Even if it's a super laid-back office, be sure you're not wearing anything more informal than a simple button up for men and a nice blouse for women—there will be plenty of time for you to dress down and relax after you've gotten the job. If you absolutely can't figure out based on your independent research what kind of clothing the office workers usually opt for, The Balance Career points out you can never go wrong with business casual.

Choose a few MVPs

We all have that favorite business outfit. Whether it's your super comfortable yet perfectly polished slacks, a lucky suit, or a dress that fits just right, take a few minutes to pick out a handful of your favorite interview-appropriate styles and keep them at the ready. Ultimately, when you feel good in a certain outfit, you tend to project that confidence—which is always an advantage during an interview.

While Zoom can have its own unique set of rules, dressing well for an interview will never go out of style—whether it’s in person or over an internet connection.

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