Top Industries in DC Hiring Right Now

Washington, D.C. consistently lands on many "best" lists when it comes to career opportunities.

Here are some of the top industries hiring right now.

Top Industries in DC Hiring Right Now


The Department of Labor Bureau (BLS) forecasts the healthcare industry will continue to skyrocket. In fact, BLS projects the industry to grow 19 percent through 2024; this is at a rate much faster than other industries. This means more skilled healthcare workers are needed to keep up with the pace. The most in-demand jobs are in the nursing field, but other sought-after expertise includes therapists, counselors and physicians. Specialists, such as administrative workers, accountants and technology experts are also needed to help support the industry. Regardless of a candidate's skill level and experience, there is probably a good job fit in D.C. for people seeking jobs in healthcare.


Technology, in general, is a booming industry, but thanks to several big-name tech companies that call the National Capital Region home (or at least have a strong presence), technology jobs are very much in demand. Many organizations in both government and private industry are actively seeking talented people to fill jobs. Positions such as software developers, network administrators, and system administrators, as well as a variety of other IT roles such as analysts, architects, technicians and engineers are constantly needing to be filled. Plus, with the increased need for cybersecurity experts, this too has boosted the number of tech jobs available.

Government Contractors, Federal Workers And Public Service

The federal government is the largest employer in the region (both directly and indirectly), and many of the region's job openings are related to supporting the missions of various departments and agencies. It is very common to find people working for federal agencies but collecting paychecks from contracting companies. Any given skill could fall into this realm, but some of the most common industries hiring in this subset include technology, business-related expertise, defense and science. Particular skill sets in need also include administrative, analysts, operations/logistics, and much more.

Although the federal hiring freeze implemented earlier this year scaled back the number of available federal jobs, agencies continued to hire at some level. While the freeze has since been lifted, many departments haven't gone back to hiring at the levels they once were. What the future brings is still uncertain since it's likely the current political climate could further reduce the number of open positions. That being said, federal and local governments, along with several other public service sections, still have many jobs needing to be filled.

Retail And Food Services 

Being such a populated area, D.C. and surrounding areas in the Virginia and Maryland suburbs have literally several thousands of job openings in the retail and food services industries. Not to mention the D.C. metro area is a popular tourist destination and brings millions of people to visit each year. (If you've ever been downtown during cherry blossom season, you've seen just how busy things can get!)

This means there are plenty of hospitality, sales associate and server jobs to support local markets, but the category of retail is fairly broad. Consider the many other skills the industry creates to support daily operations. In D.C., retailers are looking to fill various types of jobs including administrators, consultants, sales representatives, managers, tradespersons, childcare, customer service representatives, drivers and accountants, to name just a few. Take a look at all the listings offered at this time.

Other Top Fields Where Work Can Be Found

While the above are the most in-demand industries you'll find in 2017, don't discount jobs in areas such as engineering, education, finance, legal and automotive. People possessing these marketable skills are also very much sought out by local employers. This is especially true as many areas of the D.C. region are undergoing revitalization and others are experiencing massive expansion due to the area's rapidly growing population.

Did you know for the last three years in a row, the District and surrounding areas have been ranked at the top of the list for Gallup's annual "Good Jobs ratings" for full-time positions? People looking for work often gravitate toward D.C. because of both the entry-level and advancement opportunities. The nation's capital also offers higher-than-average salaries, making it a very appealing place to work. If your interests fall into one of the above-listed industries, chances are good you'll find the type of job you want.

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