Top 5 Resume Resources of 2018

Perfecting your resume is often the first step of the job search process. Here are our 5 top resume resources of 2018 to check out before you press send.

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1. Why Optimizing Your Resume Around Keywords is Important

If you want to get recognized as a quality candidate, it’s important to optimize your resume around keywords. Here’s how to do so.

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2. Creating an Achievement Oriented Resume

Many applicants think of a resume as a list of all the positions they’ve ever held from that first fast food restaurant job to their current role. What this tells a hiring manager: you warmed a chair. To really sell yourself and win in an interview, show what you've accomplished by crafting an achievement-oriented resume.

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3. The Benefits of Tailoring Your Resume to the Job Description

Truth is, the days of crafting one resume to rule them all have passed. You’ll benefit far more by tailoring your resume to each specific job. Here’s why.

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4. Tips for Cutting Your Resume Down to One Page

When job-hunting, you're excited to tell a hiring manager exactly how much value you'll bring to the company—but that doesn't mean your resume should read like a novel. This is yet another time in life when less is more. In most cases, unless you're an upper-level executive, your resume should not extend past one page.

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5. 10 Resume Mistakes You'll Want to Avoid

Here are the top 10 resume mistakes most people make and how to avoid them.

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