Q&A with the MIL Corporation—Why Washington Post Recruitment Solutions?

The MIL Corporation provides professional financial, information technology, engineering, and professional cybersecurity services to federal government agencies. Washington Post Recruitment Solutions sat down with The MIL Corporation’s Recruitment team to find out what qualities its team members look for while recruiting candidates and how Washington Post Recruitment Solutions has helped fulfil its mission.


Q: What do you want prospective employees to know about your organization?

MIL makes a corporate commitment to supporting professional development and career advancement. Prospective employees are excited to learn that this support allows them to excel at what they do best while making critical contributions to solving real-world issues. As a family-run business, MIL’s corporate culture embraces a work-life balance because it knows that fulfilled employees are more actively engaged in contributing to project success. In addition, MIL takes pride in offering a comprehensive set of benefits and competitive compensation because it places a high value on its team. MIL is focused on fostering an inclusive work environment where feedback is encouraged and where anyone can be a leader when they consistently deliver quality support. Recent surveys, conducted independently and completed by MIL employees, resulted in several awards, listed below. These commendations demonstrate that initiatives put in place to advance a positive workplace are well-received.

  • 2018 Certified Great Workplace, Great Place to Work®
  • 2017 Family Business Honoree Award, SmartCEO
  • 2017 Top Workplaces Award, The Washington Post (Washington, D.C.)
  • 2017 Top Workplaces Award, Integrated Media Publishing (South Carolina)

Q: It sounds like MIL is a great place to work! What qualities does MIL look for in prospective employees?

A: MIL is a diverse organization that hires employees with varying backgrounds and levels of experience. There are, however, universal qualities it looks for when filling any position. Forward thinking individuals who are independent but also able to thrive in a collaborative environment are essential. Since so much of MIL’s work requires supporting and partnering with customers, excellent communication and interpersonal skills are in high demand. MIL takes pride in customizing solutions for each client’s unique requirements and looks to hire highly-skilled and passionate professionals who offer a unique perspective to each challenge.

Q: Given your forward-thinking nature, what areas of your organization are growing, and what are the talents required to ensure those areas meet their goals?

Customer requirements are beginning to dictate a more progressive technology platform to respond to a dynamic global IT landscape. MIL recognizes that only the most innovative, out of the box, agile thinkers will succeed in offering superior support to meet emerging challenges. Subject matter experts with active security clearances who are excited to develop solutions in the areas of cyber security, IT engineering, and C5ISR systems are in demand. Additionally, MIL’s service offering extends to helping customers navigate through complex federal financial regulations so we are seeking individuals who hold technical and functional experience in federal financial systems and accounting practices.

Q. So it sounds like a very specific skillset is needed to meet your goals. What were/are some of the greatest challenges you face when it comes to recruitment strategies, and which ones do you currently employ?

MIL specializes in offering unique solutions using customized software to meet our clients demand for experts who have experience in niche technology or skills. Identifying and attracting candidates who live or work in Southern Maryland, where much of our engineering work is performed, is also a hurdle due to the distance and tight labor market. These obstacles, combined with the requirement for a security clearance, presents a recruiting challenge. MIL’s innovative recruiting team is dedicated to overcoming these challenges.

MIL’s recruitment strategy relies on a variety of channels to reach desirable candidates. Referral programs are a good way of building a sense of community and teamwork and it is in the employees' best interest to recommend potential colleagues that are skilled, responsible, creative workers. MIL knows that accessing the social networks of current staff can be more cost-effective than other recruiting techniques as research indicates that incentive programs yield a higher quality employee and enhance retention of staff.

We have found success using the power of social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn to increase our reach. In addition, sourcing tools like the Washington Post bolster our resume database. Meeting active job seekers where they are such as job fairs, conferences, and school career centers has proven effective. MIL recruiters also collaborate with their peers and reach out to their personal networks to round out our strategy.

Q: Thanks for the shout out. Could you elaborate more on how Washington Post Recruitment Solutions has offered a solution to help overcome some of these challenges? 

Since joining forces with Washington Post Recruitment Solutions, MIL has been able to focus on specific labor categories and work-site locations. Through branding and promotion, this platform helps us to target candidates that are passive in a very competitive marketplace. Specifically, the Washington Post’s efforts to create targeted outreach to potential candidates willing to relocate are invaluable to us.

Q. That’s awesome! So is it safe to say that Washington Post Recruitment Solutions has enhanced the way you recruit quality candidates?

Over the course of six months, Washington Post Recruitment Solutions has helped us identify quality candidates through an integrated digital marketing campaign. In addition, knowledgeable account representatives have helped to develop and implement strategies that complement our current processes.

Q. What results have you seen so far with Washington Post Recruitment Solutions?

Through Washington Post Recruitment Solutions, we have seen an increase in applications to available jobs. Our criteria can be very specific, so having more qualified candidates to choose from is highly beneficial. Over the last six months, Washington Post has helped to drive over 1,100 applicants to MIL’s website!

If you would like to learn more about how Washington Post Recruitment Solutions can help your organization, please contact Lonzell Offutt at Lonzell.Offutt@washpost.com.



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