The best organizations get things done … together

Energage recently released its first national list of Top Workplaces USA organizations. The employee survey research behind it reveals what separates organizations from each other and what gives an edge to those named Top Workplaces winners over those that are not.

The best organizations get things done

For starters, Top Workplaces do things efficiently and well. Employees at Top Workplaces are 3.5 times more likely to strongly agree that “at this organization, we do things efficiently and well,” according to Energage research.

In addition, when Energage looks at how employees describe their organizations’ cultures, the responses reveal something similar. Employees at Top Workplaces are 25 percent more likely to describe their culture using a word related to performing well, such as “focused,” “productive,” “impactful,” “effective,” and “quality.”

At Top Workplaces, this goes beyond simply getting the trains there on time. It’s also about where they are going and why.

Employees have enthusiasm for the company’s direction. At Top Workplaces, they believe in the company direction and they’re enthusiastic about where it’s headed. In fact, they are two times more likely to strongly agree that they “believe this organization is going in the right direction.”

Here’s the big-picture perspective: Top Workplaces do not stand out for providing easy jobs. But they do stand out for how effectively their employees work together toward achieving something bigger than any individual could achieve alone.

Whatever the organization, there is no single “best” culture. The right culture is unique to the business model and other aspects of the situation.

Top Workplaces know where they are going and believe in the importance of what they are doing. These attributes inspire employees to persevere and overcome any obstacles that get in the way of achieving their goals. 

So, ask yourself:

  1. Do employees know, and believe in, what your organization is trying to achieve?
  1. Is your organization committed to doing whatever it takes to overcome obstacles, including internal politics, external factors, distractions, and inertia?
  1. Is everyone at your organization committed to what you’re trying to achieve, and are they working together to rise above each individual’s self-interest?

For Top Workplaces, the answer to these questions is yes.

Rick Joi is a product specialist for Energage, a Philadelphia-based employee survey company that helps organizations build and brand Top Workplaces. Energage is The Washington Post’s partner for Top Workplaces.

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