5 Small Questions Your New Hire May Have That Matter

You’ve just hired an exceptional new employee, and you’re excited to see how he performs. But as capable as he is, you can’t plan for him to pick up what he needs to know as he goes. New hires have many questions—both big and small, about expectations, company culture, and rules and procedures they need to follow.

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Chances are, you know how to deal with the big issues. But the little questions—the ones that can appear somewhat insignificant on the surface—need answers too. Here are some examples of seemingly trivial queries new hires may have that you need to be prepared to answer.

1. How Am I Supposed To Dress?

Some workplaces have strict dress codes, while others are less formal. In both instances, a new employee needs to know what the norm is. She will feel awkward showing up in a cardigan and khakis when everyone else is wearing suits and ties, and vice versa. Asking about dress code may seem inconsequential, but it can actually have a significant impact on the image the new hire presents to both colleagues and clients.

2. What Happens At Lunchtime Around Here?

This question is really about what to do while not working. But lunch is a critical part of the workday. It’s not just a chance to refresh and take a short mental break, it also helps employees form social bonds with one another. If staff members tend to go to lunch in shifts, brown bag it at their desks, or order from local restaurants, your new hire needs to be aware. If you’re not really sure what your employees do for lunch, steer him toward someone who does know.

3. What’s The Parking Situation?

If you want your new employee to show up to work on time, you need answers to this question. Are parking spaces hard to find? Is the closest lot or garage outrageously expensive? Are parking spaces assigned? Your new hire needs to know. It won’t seem like a trivial questions when she shows up late on her first day because she didn’t know where to park.

4. How Do You Work The XYX Program/System?

No matter how much experience someone has, there will be programs and systems new employees will have to learn how to use. Even if they utilized the same technology at a previous job, things likely work a bit differently. You might not have time to show your new hire precisely what to do, but you need to know who to send her to for answers.

5. Who Do I Answer To?

Just because you hired him doesn’t mean you’re his direct supervisor. Your organization has its own structure of department heads, directors, managers, assistant managers, and shift supervisors. “Who do I report to?” may seem like a silly question to ask the person who hired you, it’s actually an astute and essential one.

Your new hire will probably be loaded with questions of all shapes and sizes, and you may not want to waste time on what feel like unimportant queries, but to provide a successful onboarding experience, be prepared to answer them just as you would any other questions.

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