Signs It’s Time to Change Industries

No industry is perfect. Even those who seem to have a particularly cool job (sommelier, anyone?) have days when they would rather do pretty much anything else. But while most people occasionally fantasize at some point about making the switch to a new industry, read on for some signs that it may be time for your fantasy to finally become a reality.

Signs in may be time to switchThe money motivator

Money is, of course, an important factor in any job. It’s when the money is the only reason you are sticking it out that you should question what you are really doing with your time. Some industries are notoriously well-paying (engineering, banking, technology), but even their high salaries can’t buy you happiness in the long run. CareerFoundry suggests that if you find yourself buying expensive things to fill the void of having a job you can’t stand, you might just be in it for the paycheck—and that’s a huge red flag you should consider getting out.

The day-to-day grind

While it is completely normal not to like every single aspect of your job, you might consider an industry change if you find yourself disliking all the aspects of your job—as in, the daily little tasks that make up the much larger picture of your career. According to Forbes, people could benefit from an industry change if they feel their current job doesn’t utilize their strengths, they don’t derive any meaning from their work, or their values no longer match that of their industry.

The industry is shrinking

Take a look at your industry trends: Is your (or your company’s) role downsizing or even becoming completely obsolete? If so, it might be time to jump ship. But that does not mean you have to leave everything you know behind. Instead, consider industries that are different but use your same skill set. After all, there is no need for all your years of hard work to become irrelevant or for you to completely start from scratch.

Your motivation has stalled

Some people have a hard time justifying an industry change when, on paper, it appears their jobs are going perfectly fine. Why rock the boat? This is where some introspection comes in. Do you find yourself no longer presenting ideas or projects to your higher ups because, well, you just do not care anymore? Or maybe you once had dreams of promotion or climbing the corporate ladder, but do not really see the point anymore. Or perhaps you used to be a go-getter, but you have been conditioned to just sit and do your job without asking questions or offering suggestions. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself repeatedly stifled in your job, whether by yourself or by others, it may be time to look at a completely different industry that values what you have to offer.

Opportunities are disappearing

Maybe you like your job just fine, but you have started to notice your hours keep getting cut…and cut…and cut. Are you a freelancer who has suddenly realized all your old wells of opportunity have been running dry for a while? The Balance Careers suggests that this could be a sign your current industry is dying—in which case, it’s well past time you break into a new one. As hard as it is to admit a chosen field is no longer as relevant as it was in days past, it might help to consider industries have always ebbed and flowed. And even if the industry you chose is one that is on its way out, the schooling, training, and skillset you picked up along the way will never go to waste.

While it can be daunting to launch yourself into a new industry, it’s never too late to find fulfillment in your work. If you decide now is the time to make the leap, just know many people have found great success by doing things they never before dreamed possible.

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