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Looking to employ top talent? There’s a lot of competition to help you do so, and it can be difficult to determine which provider can align your company to achieve its recruitment goals in the most strategic way possible. Fueled by The Washington Post’s intelligent audience, stellar brand reputation, and cutting-edge technology, Washington Post Recruitment Solutions can help you cut through the chaos and provide a comprehensive recruitment solutions strategy.

Searching for employees

We can leverage our growth, reader engagement, and storytelling capabilities to help you engage with our audience of high quality active and passive job seekers. In that context, we are not simply a job board, we are a recruitment solution. Here’s how.

1. Our Audience

Every day, The Washington Post reaches the majority of the people who live in and work in the D.C. area. Our content is consumed habitually by our local audience, as well as those around the globe. We’re able to deliver the reach relevant for your business broadly or in-market.

2.  Our Brand

The Washington Post is uniquely able to balance the short-term and long-term objectives of your recruitment campaigns to deliver on both ends of the marketing “barbell” with the capabilities of a global media brand married with a nuanced understanding of the Washington market. We take pride in extending the tools and trust we’ve built over 130 years to our partners in our own backyard.

3.  Our Cutting Edge Technology

Under our new ownership, The Washington Post was given the unique opportunity to look under the curtain at one of the greatest tech companies in the world. Our technologies give advertisers the ability to target specific sub segments by surrounding the content readers love most and by following these readers as they consume other content across the web. Additionally, our brand studio works with our targeted media solutions to increase efficiency, granting you the ability to reach 99% of the internet, deepening engagement and eliminating wasted impressions.

Innovation doesn’t stop in the digital sphere- we innovate in the print space too.

4.  Our Job Board

Washington Post Recruitment Solutions’ Job Board has taken strides to enhance user experience for both employers and jobseekers by continuing to improve the usability of the Jobs board across multiple platforms. 

We know we can provide your company a comprehensive strategy to drive your recruitment strategy. Get started today by contacting Lonzell Offutt at or (202)334-7154.

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