Job Search Your New Year’s Resolution? These Industries Are Hiring In 2019

Looking to switch careers or return to the job market? Now is the perfect time to make a job search your New Year’s resolution. But before you start, know it won’t be the same old search in 2019.

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According to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “The Future of Jobs 2018,” nearly 50 percent of companies surveyed believe that automation will lead to a full-time workforce reduction by 2022. Office, administration, and manufacturing jobs will make up the majority of those cut.

But these losses look to be offset by new jobs created to meet the unique demands of the emerging marketplace. Let’s consider where these new jobs will be added so that you can effectively target your New Year’s job search.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Upon Us

In 2019 and beyond, the industries that will see the most growth are those associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Think robotics, smart systems, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence. This change will be driven by ubiquitous high-speed internet, accelerating technology adoption, and automation through robotics and algorithms.

The top ten emerging positions in WEF’s analysis include data analyst, digital transformation specialist, and machine learning specialist.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics backs up the WEF’s prognosis. In the coming years, the Bureau forecasts higher-than-average growth rates for occupations associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as statisticians, engineers, and software developers.

It’s worth noting that these trends are already well underway. Glassdoor’s “50 Best Jobs in America” report ranks 2018 jobs based on salary, number of openings, and overall job satisfaction. Half of the jobs listed are technology related, and the other half will likely be integrating into the technological revolution soon.

Searching For Success

If your work history already pertains to technology, then these reports probably read like a winning lottery ticket. If you can effectively demonstrate your skill set through resumes, cover letters, and job interviews, 2019 will be a successful year for you.

If not, these reports may intimidate. Don’t get discouraged; your job search is not doomed to failure. There are plenty of ways to prove your value to potential employers even without a graduate degree in machine learning.

Here are some tips to help you along in 2019:

Reinvest in lifelong learning. There are numerous ways to upskill yourself without becoming a full-time student again. Colleges offer expanded education courses and certificates, and massive open online courses (MOOCs) continue to grow in popularity. You can also go the self-directed learner’s route.

While learning about new subjects is great, don’t forget to return to subjects you previously mastered to see what advancements have been made.

Devise new ways to add value to your current skills. Updating traditional skills to meet new demands is a great to put yourself ahead of the competition. For example, marketing specialists should have a thorough understanding of mobile and social media marketing, while operations managers need to be able to upskill their current workforce quickly.

Promote soft skills. Soft skills will remain as important as ever, but the in-demand ones will shift with the times. In 2019, the skills you should foster include creativity, analytical thinking, emotional intelligence, and social influence.

Look to startup companies. While established companies may be cutting back certain positions, new companies will still have need for them (even if the need is less than previous years). Startups are a great place to use your skills while integrating yourself into a new industry.

Looking Toward The Future

Looking toward the future, the WEF notes “there is a need to take personal responsibility for [one’s] learning trajectory through the current transition and developing a higher degree of comfort with the concept of lifelong learning.”

We couldn’t agree more. Making thoughtful choices today will help you transition toward tomorrow, and because you made the job search your New Year’s resolution, you can start working toward these skills to give yourself the edge in the future job market.

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