Is Your Company Careers Page Getting the Job Done?

Career pages can be more than a repository of company job postings. Done right, these pages will improve your employee recruitment process, promote your company values, and showcase employer recognition awards. A compelling careers page grabs the attention of job seekers and helps your organization to attract top talent


When job seekers visit your company’s careers page, they are looking for a clear picture of what it’s like to work at your organization and what sets it apart from the competition. Here are some useful tips for creating an effective careers page:

1. Make it easy to find your careers page: It should be accessible from the homepage as well as the footer. Enable users to access it quickly without searching through your website’s navigation.

2. Emphasize what makes your company unique: Showcase what makes your company unique. Highlight company culture strengths, promote your mission statement, and feature employee testimonials. Stay true to your employer brand and company values.

3. Create a user-friendly careers page: Mobile-friendly, user-friendly, intuitive navigation is important. Ensure essential information, such as job listings or a search bar, is displayed prominently. Add anchor links to get users to content quickly and easily. Avoid heavy text blocks. Bulleted or numbered lists are effective.

4. Showcase your employees through multimedia: Use various eye-catching videos, images, graphics, or infographics to capture your audience’s attention. Infuse personality and encourage job candidates to connect with your employees and the company’s mission.

5. Create creative job postings to stand above the competition: Craft well-written descriptions that capture attention and excite the user to read them; don’t just list the requirements and duties. Strike a balance between setting expectations, creating a vision and providing an accurate description.

6. Ensure job postings are accurate and up to date: Refresh job postings and remove positions that have been filled to show potential candidates your organization is transparent and professional.

7. Simplify the application process: Lengthy and outdated applications can deter applicants; they might abandon the application process altogether. Create a streamlined, easy-to-navigate and complete application process to increase the likelihood of qualified candidates following through.

8. Include benefits and perks: Job seekers consider benefits and perks when choosing an employer. Explaining the range of benefits and perks can attract top talent.

9. Optimize your careers page: Integrate your job listings with other career-related sources such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter, etc. Optimize your job postings to be keyword-friendly, so they become visible when job seekers are searching for jobs in the related topic areas. Measure careers page conversion rates to gauge its effectiveness. Track the number of visitors who land on the page and the number of those who take action.

10.  Make the careers page attractive: Present a clear picture of your company culture. Consider employee testimonials that highlight what it’s like to work at your company. Videos and photos can give a behind-the-scenes look at your workplace.

11. Showcase your teams’ diversity: Make all applicants feel welcome and encouraged to apply by promoting a culture of workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion. An equal opportunity employer disclaimer helps reinforce this message and signal to potential candidates that your organization values fairness in hiring, regardless of race, gender, age, or other factors.

12. Earn and feature employer recognition awards: Feature notable achievements and awards. Earning reputable, third-party employer recognition, especially honors based on genuine employee feedback, validates and supports your message while showcasing the organization for achievements it has earned.

Bob Helbig is media partnerships director at Energage, a Philadelphia-based employee survey firm. Energage is The Washington Post’s survey partner for Top Workplaces.

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