How to Stay Positive During A Restructuring

Your company is restructuring—the future seems uncertain, and the present feels chaotic. Staying positive during precarious times isn’t easy, but for your own job security—and sanity—that’s exactly what you’ll need to do.

company restructure stay positive

The goal of reorganization is to make an enterprise more efficient and profitable—both positives. Unfortunately, individual employees aren’t always included in the big picture and bottom line. As precarious as the situation can be, focus on the silver lining, and make sure you:

Don’t Overreact

Restructuring comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s true it can lead to downsizing, sending panic through the company, but that’s not always the case. Try not to assume the worst. The opposite can actually happen—your organization might be adding new departments they’ll need to staff, leading to exciting opportunities for growth. If you don’t know exactly what’s going on, slow down, breathe, and take time to ask questions. Even if downsizing does happen, showing you’re calm, cool, and positive under pressure could help management see you’re a valuable resource to keep around.

Learn To Embrace Change

Change is inevitable. If any organism, including an organization, remains stagnant, it will die. Growing and moving forward is a part of life and a part of business. Humans tend to resist change—the familiar can be comforting after all. But sometimes it’s inevitable and beyond our control. You can fight or ignore or you can decide to go with the flow and choose to embrace the opportunity to have new experiences.

Step Up To The Plate

During a time when certain jobs appear to be dispensable, the best move you can make is to establish that yours is indispensable. There’s no better time to step up and stand out. Let your boss know you’re there to help he with anything she needs—even if the duties are outside your current job description. Offer your support to your manager, the company, and the reorganization process. Show the powers that be keeping you on board is an absolute necessity, even if they have to move you into a new role.

Manage Your Stress Levels

Of course you’re going to experience some stress during a reorganization. But it’s critical that you don’t let your stress get out of control. There are many techniques to reduce stress, from meditation to massages to working out to spending quality time with your family. It’s essential to engage in whatever positive, healthy activities will help decrease your stress, so you don’t become overwhelmed by it and worry yourself right out of a job.

When you hear the word “restructuring” it’s only natural that some negative thoughts will come to mind. There is certainly a negative connotation associated with the term, even though your organization is trying to achieve positive results. Staying optimistic during times of uncertainty can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Don’t overreact, learn to embrace change, step up to the plate, and work to manage your stress, and you’ll be one step closer to coming out on the other side of the turmoil unscathed.

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