How To Show Your Boss And Coworkers You’re Thankful

It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day deadlines and the rush of this time of year, but with Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to pause and let your boss and coworkers know just how much you appreciate them. Need some inspiration? Here’s our list of ways to show your work family just how grateful you are for them all year long.

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1. Just Say It

The easiest way to let people know you appreciate them is to tell them. You don’t have to deliver a long speech. You can speak to people individually or ask to say a few words in a team meeting. Tell your boss and coworkers they’re important to you. And be specific! Is Olivia always in a good mood and ready to pitch in? Do Evan’s jokes lighten everyone’s mood? Has the whole team pulled together to meet impressive targets and goals? Saying thank you and giving sincere compliments for a job well done goes a long way toward spreading that Thanksgiving spirit.

2. Bring Munchies!

If you have a special recipe for a holiday treat, don’t keep it to yourself. Bringing snacks to the office for everyone to sample lets people know you’ve been thinking about them even after you’ve left for the day. Make sure you say a quick word about how grateful you are for your team when you set out the nibbles. Enjoying a treat together is a good moment to say thanks and gives everyone a brief break during a busy time of year.

3. Make A Poster

Break out the colorful markers and glitter, and put your creative talents to work, and make a poster you can hang in a spot where everyone will see it, such as the break room. Your words of appreciation don’t even need to be your own—consider a famous quote or poem about Thanksgiving or gratitude in general.

4. Send An Email

Do your baking and creative attempts resemble a comedic nailed-it list? Express yourself in writing. If you work in a small office or want to thank people specifically, tailor each message for a personal touch. Think about what each person you’re writing. How have they helped you this year? What do you most appreciate about them? What makes them enjoyable to work with? If there are 10 or more people you’d like to thank, no one will fault you for CC-ing a list of recipients. Talk about the team as a whole and what everyone has accomplished this year. Whether you choose to write individual messages or send a note to the group, an original email expressing your appreciation will give them a smile.

5. Give Small Gifts

Depending on how many people you want to thank, giving out small, inexpensive gifts can be a thoughtful way to express your gratitude to your boss and colleagues. Obviously, $20 presents for 100 people is too much, but if purchasing a few gifts is doable, why not? To make things easier and equitable, choose an item that will work for everyone on your list, such a succulent plant for their desks. You might want to splurge a little more on your boss, but don’t go overboard. It really is the thought that counts.

Your boss and coworkers deserve to know they have a positive impact on your day-to-day life. Whether you express yourself by providing edible treats or feel more comfortable with a compliment and a thank you, it’s important you get the message out there. Showing your gratitude will encourage your coworkers and boost morale—and it’s good for you too! 

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