How Technology is Rapidly Changing the Recruiting Landscape

Close your eyes and think back to a time before our current technological landscape; it could almost make you wax nostalgic for what seems like an unhurried, easier time in the world of business.  But it also meant the world worked at a quarter of the speed it does now, and nowhere is the benefit of technological disruption more beneficial than Talent Acquisition.

Technology and Recruiting Landscape

We are living in a time where both companies and candidates are experiencing almost-daily evolution when it comes to how these disruptors power the job search and talent acquisition processes, respectively. And while some feel things were easier then, it could be argued it’s easier now, particularly if you use these disruptors to your advantage:

Candidate search is easier than ever

Job boards have been around for a couple of decades, but now recruiters have a wealth of portals through which to post openings, receive resumes, and sort through qualified applicants, and the advances of artificial intelligence make these tools even more refined. Play your cards right and you could be in a buyer’s market of talent within minutes. AI and technological sophistication in recruiting tools offer a more customized, individualized candidate and recruiter experience.

Social media is an incredible recruiting tool

Your company’s social media presence is critical to creating a connection between your brand, your mission, and the top talent who would match your corporate culture. It’s also an incredible swift and efficient means of sourcing passive potential candidates. It’s never been easier to reach more people, and social media is an incredible way to expand your brand and vision while performing outreach to get the right people in the right seats in the most expedient way possible.

Mobile makes it easier

With the right systems and onboarding platforms, you never need to wait for paperwork ever again. We’re all attached to our mobile devices constantly, and that’s to your advantage: you can attract candidates through social media, text links to application sites, email interview schedules, and send interfaces for onboarding post-hire. Candidates can even interview remotely via platforms like Skype or It’s incredible that we live in a world where phones can be the most powerful tool in our job search, from first contact to the first day of work.

Cloud technology makes the hiring process so much easier

Gone are the days of hiring packages, printed interview schedules, and candidate paperwork. Candidate files and all requisite information can be stored in the cloud to allow for team sharing anywhere in the world. It’s the easiest way to capture and track feedback from interviewers and to centrally manage schedules and files, and it also allows for swift access when it comes to declines and hiring.

Recruiting is shifting to data-driven decision-making

As HR migrates from intuition and best practices to big data and analytics, it stands to reason that the Recruiting function would follow suit. As sales, marketing and finance teams make the shift, HR is coming aboard to using data prediction models of what positions will be needed, what talent will be needed to fill them, and  ultimately deciding what candidate traits and behavior will be the right fit for the role.

The on-demand workforce continues to grow and thrive

Freelancing and “permalancing” are not going anywhere anytime soon, which means more flexibility for employers to accomplish objectives without adding to headcount where it’s not necessary. Sometimes, the right answer is to bring on talent to achieve a goal or initiative without wondering how to deploy them later, and the rise of the on-demand economy helps employers do just that. Technology is what makes this wave of employment possible, and it’s only going to get easier and more erudite.

Technological disruption may seem to be challenging at times, but it’s an incredibly important tool in the Talent Acquisition process. Harness the power of these incredible tools, and you’ll find yourself riding in front of the wave of change rather than swept beneath it.

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