Help remote employees overcome challenges

During this global pandemic, remote work is the new normal for many. And while first intended as a temporary shift, companies now realize the benefits of a remote workforce. Employees do, too.

help remote employees

Whether your workforce has been remote for years or has recently gone remote, figuring out how to improve employee engagement is vital to retention, motivation, and productivity.

Define remote work goals

While working from home inspires visions of comfort and freedom, research shows remote workers actually give 73 percent more effort when working from home. This may be good news for many organizations, but remember, it is not a reason to loosen the reins on work performance.

Establishing clear and measurable goals for remote employees sets clear expectations so miscommunications can be avoided. Managers should define and share troubleshooting processes with remote employees, much like they would when onboarding new employees. Remote employee guidance might include:

  • Goals for the day/week/month
  • How to contact their manager
  • Who to notify for sick days and other emergencies
  • Schedules and working hours

Consider providing the meeting agenda and any additional materials a day or so before the meeting.

Ask for employee feedback

The most effective remote workforce engagement strategies utilize employee feedback to gauge the success of their engagement efforts. Feedback on survey statements such as “I feel well-informed about important decisions at this company” and “My manager cares about my concerns” are especially vital during a shift to remote work.

Employee engagement surveys do more than provide valuable business intelligence. This feedback also helps leaders make the people-informed decisions that ensure the company moves in the right direction.

And that’s not all. Employee engagement surveys also qualify companies for employer recognition awards such as Top Workplaces. It is an effective way to leverage brand visibility and attract the right talent. Becoming an employer of choice also provides remote employees and onsite employees with a much-needed morale boost and a sense of pride.

Laura Brinton is content marketing director at Energage, a Philadelphia-based employee survey firm. Energage is The Washington Post’s partner for Top Workplaces.

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