Fourteen signs and behaviors of engaged employees

The best places to work are filled with engaged employees who bring their best to work each day. It is the outcome of a healthy workplace culture. Here are common behaviors and signs of engaged employees.

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1. Emotional commitment to the organization: Workers spend discretionary effort to better your company. They are invested, motivated, and loyal — and they will even recommend your company to others.

2. Positive attitudes: This feeds the work environment. Upbeat employees enjoy their work, enjoy the company, and inspire positive attitudes in others. 

3. Collaborative employees: These employees keep their eyes on the company goals and direction rather than focusing on individual success.

4. Reliable and responsible employees: They are at work on time, meet deadlines, and hold themselves accountable for their performance. Engaged employees do not require micromanagement, and you can trust them to complete their work as promised.

5. Making good decisions: They are aligned with company values and believe in the company’s direction. Their connection to the organization guides their choices. 

6. Exceeding expectations: They do what it takes to ensure their work is successful. And when they are unsure, they know to ask questions and consider what can be done to achieve a different outcome the next time.

7. Open and effective communication: They know how to communicate effectively with co-workers and superiors. They provide others with clear-cut information to avoid hiccups or miscommunications. 

8. Confident and innovative: They find ways to improve their performance and understand how to contribute to the company’s success. They look ahead to prevent obstacles from slowing down progress. They think creatively, are unafraid to try new things and thrive on challenges.

9. Easy to work with: They pride themselves on cooperation, no matter how long they have been at the company or the position they hold.

10. Actively seek personal and professional development opportunities: Whether in-house training programs, a new degree, or attending conferences, engaged employees are motivated to improve personally and professionally.

11. Referrals, turnover, and replenishment: This is a great way to find like-minded job candidates and minimize recruitment costs. 

12. Adapt easily: They are eager to tackle new challenges, can spot areas for improvement and make recommendations for change. 

13. Participate even when not required: Their motivation contributes to team performance and positive company culture. Their behavior also sets an example for others to follow. 

14. Happy to be brand ambassadors: They speak highly of their employer, whether they talk to a client, land a new customer, or interview a job candidate.

Employee engagement is vital to employee retention, motivation, and referrals. When employees are engaged, the business succeeds.

Bob Helbig is media partnerships director at Energage, a Philadelphia-based employee survey firm. Energage is The Washington Post’s partner for Top Workplaces.

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