Chenega MIOS Offers Stable Hiring through Uncertain Economy

It wasn’t long ago that headlines about worker shortages dominated the news cycle. However, in recent months, the job market has swung, with many companies undergoing layoffs—particularly in the technology sector. While the market as a whole may have uncertainties, it’s far from an across-the-board status, as some local businesses continue to recruit new employees for a variety of specialties.


Chenega MIOS continues to stand strong, with nearly 400 current job openings. This unique employer serves as a strategic business unit for its parent company, Chenega Corporation, an Alaska Native-owned corporation.

“We established in 1971 to sustain the socioeconomic cultural condition of shareholders in Chenega Village, about 104 miles south of Anchorage,” shared Matthew Keller, Chenega MIOS vice president of talent acquisition. “One-hundred percent of profits are reinvested in shareholders and back into employees, making it very unique.”

With nearly 2,000 employees across 17 countries, Chenega MIOS supports a variety of federal Department of Defense and corporate clients through an array of technology and support services.

While some of the organization’s stability is likely owed to the nature of its business, much of it is due to its mission, team’s dedication, and the culture it has carefully cultivated.

“We lead with the mission: We support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies—foreign and domestic—and partner with government agencies and our military. We share the mission, own the mission, and ensure everything we do reflects well on the Chenega organization and U.S. government. When hiring, we try to find people that are committed to a culture that treats people with dignity and respect and that provides for American people,” said Keller.

That commitment to country and culture is evidenced in how employees are developed, rewarded, and unified around the company’s mission and a deep desire to give back.

The company frequently serves the local community, with activities ranging from laying wreaths on graves to organized philanthropic walks. In addition to benefiting the community, these activities foster fellowship and community among participating employees.


Outside of work, Chenega MIOS employees and their families band together for basketball games, kickball tournaments, and even field days.

Beyond connection opportunities, Chenega MIOS provides comprehensive benefits, including medical, paid time off, dental, and more. Employees also have access to legal and pet insurance, vacation savings, spot bonuses and incentives, and other programs.

“We work hard to support our customers and are also committed to developing our people; we understand they’re our most important asset,” commented Lashree Obee, Chenega MIOS vice president of human capital and diversity.

The company honors that commitment by investing in an array of leadership trainings and professional, tech, and trade certification programs for employees.

A four-year average tenure and 80 percent retention rate through the recent pandemic is evidence the investment in its people and culture have earned Chenega MIOS favor among its employees. Its retention is particularly notable in an industry where people and projects often turn over rapidly.

Chenega MIOS has also proven an ability to quickly adapt and thrive in a flexible work environment. Though initially started in response to the pandemic, approximately 33 percent of employees continue to work remotely.

The organization has taken careful steps to ensure that, while not in the office physically, employees continue to connect and grow the company culture. All employees receive training to adapt to remote work, and there are multiple daily team check-ins.

“I’ve found that it helps us to connect even more because we make a conscious effort to do so throughout the day. We cover not only items of the day, but also what’s going on with employees’ families and what’s happening outside of work. We want to ensure we can look into each other’s eyes and see if we need to connect one-on-one or set additional time,” shared Obee of the check-ins.

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Additionally, the company hosts virtual games and competitions to ensure employees continue to build rapport.

“Many of the best things about working at Chenega MIOS are intangible. It’s the open, collaborative environment where you can learn and having the opportunities and support to grow. It’s the whole-family environment and ensuring everyone can have a life beyond work—knowing that you worked hard, and now it’s time to go home and see family. Our employees are committed to us because they know we have that same commitment to them,” commented Keller.

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