Before accepting a job, do your benefits homework

When looking for a new job, it’s essential to consider a prospective employer’s complete compensation package. Companies with good benefits can vary widely, which is why it’s important to compare benefits packages. 

Before accepting check benefitsThe companies that offer the best job benefits provide a well-rounded package, from a profit-sharing program to wellness perks. Great workplaces will typically establish their benefit programs based on several factors: company values, the desire to improve employee retention, and a push to attract top talent. 

A lack of good benefits at a current job is often why employees leave and seek opportunities with better benefits elsewhere. Companies with good benefits find that benefits packages play a much more significant role in attracting talented people and retaining them than in the past. 

A good benefits package goes well beyond vacation and sick leave, as well as the opportunity to participate in an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Some companies with the best benefits can support various aspects of their workers’ lives. They may seek to ease employee stress, offset living expenses, increase loyalty, or improve health.

A few examples of attractive employee benefits include: 

  • Paid leave
  • Affordable health insurance
  • Free weekday lunches
  • Online coaching
  • Mental health services
  • Gym membership reimbursement
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Workplace flexibility
  • Employee appreciation programs
  • Childcare assistance or costs reimbursement

Excellent employee benefits can substantially improve a worker’s general quality of life, financial health, and family wellness. Substantial job benefits also significantly improve employee retention. 

A list of the best company perks found in today’s job market includes:

  • Company equity
  • Employee discounts, rewards, and bonuses
  • Employee development plans
  • Career training
  • Personal development training
  • Relaxation spaces
  • Company socials and work parties
  • Work-from-home options
  • Family planning services

Seek benefits that set the company apart from competitors and provide added support when you consider where you want to work. 

Laura Brinton is content marketing director at Energage, a Philadelphia-based employee survey firm. Energage is The Washington Post’s survey partner for Top Workplaces.

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