7 ways companies can lure top talent

Companies need to put in effort into finding employees and promoting available positions. If you want to attract top talent to your organization, get real. That is, real about your company’s unique culture and values.

7 ways companies lure top talent

Here are seven tips for companies to attract the best talent.

1. Create a Talent Pipeline. Maintain a constant flow for attracting potential candidates. Companies should have an enticing careers page; use job boards such as WashingtonPostJobs.com, LinkedIn and Indeed; and implement employee referral programs internally. Companies should be proactive sourcing new candidates. An ideal mix of candidates comes from referrals, marketing efforts, and the traditional application process.

2. Advertise What Sets You Apart. Organizations need to determine the top factors that set them apart from other companies, and ensure they align with the needs of the talent they are trying to recruit. This could include salary, benefits, work-life balance, training, learning opportunities, etc. Promote those differentiating factors and use them in marketing efforts and job descriptions.

3. Leverage Your Internal Team: Employee advocacy can be a major factor in whether a candidate chooses a company. Applicants want to see current employees are happy. Provide incentives for referrals; it’s a good way to include your internal team in the process while also reaching potential candidates you might not land otherwise. Use employee testimonials on careers pages, job listings, social media, and other aspects of marketing efforts.

4. Create Brand Awareness Through Social Media: Be sure to use social media to create awareness around the company brand and to promote its unique culture and offerings. If you don’t have a social media presence, build one. Promote employee testimonials, company events, and achievements.

5. Showcase Education and Community Outreach: Networking and community outreach can help reach your target market. In what organizations do your employees participate? In what events does your company participate? In what local programs or schools does your company get involved? Track and communicate those efforts.

6. Host an Open House: Whether live or virtual, bring people in to see the company in person and interact with employees. This could be for a specific event or a job fair. Promote the event on social media, through email, and with referrals from current employees.

7. Create a Great Experience for Candidates: Leave job candidates with a positive view of your company and of your application/interview process as a whole. If candidates come away with a positive view of your company and your brand, they are not only likely to get on board but to share positive reviews of the process with other potential candidates.

Of course, if your organization earns recognition as a Top Workplace, that also will help it stand out among the competition, boost recruitment, and attract top talent.

Bob Helbig is media partnerships director at Energage, a Philadelphia-based employee survey firm. Energage is The Washington Post’s partner for Top Workplaces.

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