7 Signs Your Job Is No Longer a Good Fit

Do you repeatedly hit the snooze button every morning until the last possible second? Are you frustrated you're not where you think you should be in your career? Are you miserable, and it’s started to spill into your personal life? If so, you should consider the possibility your feelings stem from how you feel at work.

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Here Are Seven Signs Your Job Is No Longer A Good Fit

1. Days Are Stressful—And Only Stressful

Unfortunately, people who experience anxiety, migraines, high blood pressure, or other negative health effects often learn the root cause is linked to a job. It’s well-documented that chronic stress and burnout at work can lead to poor health. If every day is as stressful as the day before, it’s time to move on before your work-life balance spins out of control, and you develop health issues that can be difficult to reverse.

2. You've Changed Yourself To Fit The Position

Were you hired for one position, but over time management has shifted you into other roles they needed filled? Or maybe you took a job thinking it would be a good step on your career path, but it really wasn’t what you’d been led to expect? If you find you’ve been molding yourself to fit a job that’s just not “you,” it could be the root of your unhappiness. Gratification and a sense of fulfillment are vital to career success. If you aren't feeling these, your job probably isn't right for you.

3. Your Job Is A Dead End

Has your career come to a standstill? Whether you've started off in an entry level or mid-level position, you probably want to advance. And if you aren't feeling challenged, chances are you've outgrown your job. Symptoms are frustration, boredom, and indifference. If these describe you, consider it a sign it's time to spread your wings so you can fly.

4. You Chased The Money

If salary was the main reason you accepted your job, chances are it won't end well. Passion is an important ingredient to career success. Many college students pursue “money” degrees, but find later in life, not everything is about money, and end up returning to school and/or changing career paths. Obviously, earning money is a factor, but finding fulfillment matters too. It matters a lot. No matter what the salary projections say, you’ll stagnate frittering away years in a ho-hum career, but if you’ve chosen a path you care about, you’ll do a better job and be more likely to advance.

5. Quitting Time Is The Day's Highlight

Dread going into the office? Do the hours you spend at work suck all of your energy and leave you exhausted? No job is perfect, but if the bad days far outweigh the good, you have some decisions to make. Evaluate what’s sucking the life out of you—if it’s not something you can change, it’s probably time to make the leap to something new.

6. There’s Been A Shift In Organizational Values

You used to love your job and felt it was a great cultural fit. But something has changed. Is there new management? Was the company sold? Is management suddenly making unethical decisions? If something feels wrong for you, it probably is. Trust your gut, and be honest with yourself. Is this a place you really want to be?

7. You’re Having Performance Struggles

Are you receiving negative feedback from your bosses? If so, there's probably a good reason you're not playing your best game. Warning signs you may no longer be cut out for your current position include lowered productivity, declined performance, or feeling generally apathetic.

If you're still unsure, ask yourself this—do you see yourself at this company in a year? Five years? If you don't envision this organization in your future, it could be time to move on. Don’t cope with unhappiness or stress or endure other negative by-products stemming from your time at work. Time isn’t infinite. Instead of sticking with a job that isn't a good fit, why not do something about it now?

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